We’ve all been there.

We’ve all craved something that we didn’t have and been envious of those who have it.  We’ve all gone through that awkward teenage stage growing up and hated someone for having that special someone or wanted the person they had.  Anyone that claims to have never experienced jealousy is a damn liar.  It’s an emotion we have all dealt with before.

The problem is…some people never grew out of that phase.  And I’m typing this from a woman’s point of view, well, because I am a woman.  I know it’s different for men and they have different situations that bring on envy.  Some women just never got it through their heads that jealousy only takes you down a dark, ugly path.  It shows your lack of self-confidence.

Your self-esteem, I know, is a hard thing to gain and so very easy to lose.  But it’s worth fighting for.  Trust me.

I’ve know a woman who despised another woman due to the size of her home and her possessions.  I’ve seen a woman drop a friend who lost weight and began dressing with confidence.  I’ve known women who still pine for their ex boyfriends a decade later and attempt to cause problems.  Hell, I met a woman a couple months ago who refused to talk to a fellow Army wife just because their husbands were different ranks.  Seriously???

My two cents to you ladies…Quit being so damn miserable.  You bring others down with you.  If you like nice things, work hard and get them yourself.  It will mean more if you do it all yourself.  If you aren’t happy with your size, change it.  No one said it was easy, but at least try.  Eat right, eat less, exercise more and wait for the results.  If you still can’t let go of a past flame, get help.  NO need to make yourself miserable or wreck other relationships.  And rank, don’t get me started on that one.  As a wife, you have NO RANK.  Stop being so judgmental.

Bottom line…Life is what you make it.  Make yours beautiful.  Make it happy.  Make it great.  Make it YOURS!  Stop comparing your life to everyone around you.


Women in Combat

 Lifting the ban on women in combat


This issue has been causing an uproar online!  People are battling over whether this is a good decision or not.  Some say it is a great idea and that women should be allowed to do the job they want.  Some say women can’t do the job as well as the men do.  You got a lot of men and women saying that women are not physically strong enough to do the requirements demanded in combat.  I have seen several people state that a woman‘s emotions would cause issues in combat as well.

Well….I’m pretty sure I’m about to make some people really upset!  My opinion is that it is a bad idea.  I don’t agree with lifting this ban.  Yes, I know there are and have been women in infantry units and such…I still don’t agree with it.

I know several woman are proposing the “equal opportunity” side for this argument, but that gets blown out of proportion.  They set standards and tests that have to be passed in order to be able to serve in combat, but just as soon as one misses the mark and is turned down it becomes a huge battle!  It has happened in the past and it will happen again.  “They were too strict, they weren’t fair, they were too judgemental, they intentionally failed me due to my gender.”  Not all, but a lot of women would “milk” those excuses when in fact, they just weren’t physically fit enough or whatever to pass the tests or the standards put in place.  Bottom line…A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE TO PASS THE SAME PT TESTS AND SUCH AS THE MEN IN ORDER TO FIGHT IN COMBAT.  If a man has to do 70 push ups within a two-minute period…so does the woman!

The physically fit part bothers me too.  I have to admit, I agree with the women that have stated most women just aren’t strong enough to be dependable in combat.  You got a 200lb man needing to be pulled to safety…a 120lb (for example) woman probably wouldn’t be able to handle that situation.  I would think the men would feel better knowing their guys have their back and would have no problems physically pulling them out of harm’s way.  Just my opinion…so don’t take offense please.

Next on the list…emotion.  Yea, I know some are probably rolling their eyes right now.  But the truth is, women are more emotional.  I’m not saying men are all stone cold or anything, but men tend to be more “act now, think later”.  I think that is a good quality in combat.  I would think most women would be more likely to freeze up or hesitate.  Those two reactions are definitely not good in combat zones.  Stress levels run high during a deployment and being in combat raising that stress way above the bar.  Here again, I think men handle high levels of stress a little better.  I know several people are probably thinking about PTSD right now.  And yes, PTSD is a huge problem resulting from deployments, but I still side with men handling their stress and emotions better.

I’m gonna catch hell for this next one!  But here goes!  CNN just published an article called “Unplanned pregnancy on rise in military.”  This is a problem folks.  A unit trains together and prepares for deployment together.  It’s damaging to a unit when women have to stay behind, after training and preparing together, due to unplanned pregnancy.  It is irresponsible.  Yes, I know it takes “two to tango”, but being responsible for your part within the unit is necessary.  Also, this is an issue during deployments.  Here again, completely irresponsible.  It costs the military, as stated in the CNN article, around $10,000 to send a servicewoman home from overseas due to pregnancy.  You get sent home, your unit is down a soldier due to this issue.

So, there you have it!  I know lots of people will disagree with me and that’s ok.  I stand firm on my opinion.  I am more old-fashioned and I was raised that way.  I’m proud of that.  Women can do lots of things that men can…combat just isn’t one of them.

P.S.  I just have to add in this little funny tid bit!  I just ran a spell check and “servicewoman” was underlined in red.  When I clicked on it, the word that popped up (since red means misspelled) was serviceman!  LOL  Damn!!!

Attraction…how is it measured?

Today, with all the magazine ads and popularity contests and pressure….damn, looking good has become a major headache.

Society plays a major role in appearance today.  Magazines push for the perfect skinny shape with all their clothing ads.  Weight loss companies make a fortune dishing out empty promises and their get skinny quick schemes.  Mean ass women make overweight women feel ugly and gross.  The list goes on and on with the negativity aimed towards overweight women.

We’ve all heard it before…your hair can be curly or straight, but never frizzy, flat, or unkept.  Your face must be free and clear of acne and makeup perfectly applied.  Accessories are a must.  Earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces must match the outfit.  Oh and the outfits.  Clothes should be fitted and clingy in all the right places.  The more skin you got showing the better.  Jeans must flaunt your figure and your butt has to have that flattering upside down heart look going on.  Shoes…damn shoes!  Heels, boots, flats…gotta have all different kinds and coordinating them with outfits is a necessity.  And let’s not forget body shape!  It never seems to matter how tall or short a woman is, just the size of her clothes.  Size 0-2 seems to be the going thing.

But do all those things really matter that much?  I mean, my hair usually does whatever the hell it wants to do.  My face has tons of freckles and I rarely wear makeup.  Makeup just seems to be unnecessary to me.  My face needs to breathe dammit!  I don’t wear any jewelry except my wedding rings.  Clothes…just jeans and t-shirts for me.  Yea, sounds lame I know.  Have I wanted to wear those cute designer clothes before?  Sure.  But at the cost of not being myself or trying to fit in just doesn’t appeal to me.  I think I only own three pairs of shoes.  Bodyshape…UGH!  Well, let’s just say round is a shape!  I’m not the skinniest chick and I’m not the biggest, but I’m me.  Shouldn’t that be good enough?

Losing weight is a priority for me.  I admit, I do seem to struggle with the motivation part, but shouldn’t health be the main focus?  Instead of outward beauty being such a main concern, shouldn’t being healthy matter more?

And besides health, what about the idea of who a person really is?  What about their personality, their feelings, their compassion for others?  These qualities make a woman beautiful as well.  Outside looks shouldn’t be so damn important.  So many women and young girls go through hard times battling their weight.  Lots of women don’t feel worthy just because they are the wrong shape and size.  It’s high time everyone stops putting so much focus on those things.  Being happy and healthy need to be priorities.

So, in closing, please throw out the mind paralyzing idea of having to look a certain way to fit in or make someone love you.  Be yourself, whoever that may be.  Make health a priority in your life.  Being healthy will keep you around for a long time and will make you feel better than being a part of any “clique” ever could.

Love yourself.  When you do that, you shine!  That makes you attractive!

Drama among Military wives 2

Well damn, looks like the drama is heating up again!  I have come across several things here lately dealing with the ladies being vicious and hateful.  Before I go into them I have an opinion I’d like to share with you.  I don’t care what color you are, what shape you have or what size clothes you wear…good and decent people and, of course, the bad ones come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  I don’t believe in judging anyone based on appearance.  What people do with their personal lives is not my concern…as long as it doesn’t harm my family.  Everyone is different and things that go on behind other’s closed doors is their business.  Judging others is conceited and wrong…in my opinion!

Now, I’ve been reading more and more posts online and seen the viciousness of gossip lately.  All the “he said, she said” is a bit ridiculous.  So many of the military wives, not ALL of them…so don’t jump just yet!,  do their best to keep up with what is going on in everyone else’s lives.  Lots of them spend their days trying to keep track of which wife or soldier has been lying, cheating, misbehaving, etc.  They make calls to see who did what last weekend or who got “home late” from work…blah blah blah.  For what???  Why make their lives the center of yours?  Why let the actions or possible actions of others consume your day?  If someone lives their life in a way you find offensive, simply do not hang out with them.  It is that simple.  I have also seen posts of someone sharing specific details of someone’s problems.  Why do that?  If a wife calls for advice, be kind and help out or gracefully bow out of the situation.  Don’t take her hardship and share it with the world.  Don’t blast her name and her business for all to see.

Next on the list…RANK!  Please please please realize that your husband’s rank is his own, not yours.  His rank does not apply to you, nor does it get you anything.  He earned his rank with hard work and dedication…and putting up with all the shit he has to on a daily basis!  There is nothing wrong, however, with being patriotic and showing your pride.  Be proud of your husband and his accomplishments.  Be proud that he serves his country.  But don’t, for one second, think that anyone owes you anything.  Your husband chose his career and you chose to be his wife.  Choosing to be his wife comes with a different lifestyle than that of a civilian, yes.  BUT no one owes you anything for being a “military wife”.

The last one is the nasty one….so before I go any further, let me remind you that this is my opinion.  This is something I feel very strongly about.  Some will agree and some will disagree.  Those that disagree…I know the shitty comments and excuses may be left in the comments.  Go right ahead…it will just help make my point.  And before anyone gets all technical…yes, I said shitty comments and excuses because that is my opinion of them.

drum roll please!  haha…….CYBER BULLYING!  Ahhh…the one that makes a lot of people roll their eyes!  My first post about drama among military wives caused a little bit of an uproar.  I know there are sites out there that seem to have the sole purpose of picking out certain military wives and bashing the hell outta them online.  Personally, I think it is one of the most low and cowardly things to do to someone.  The OSMW site was mentioned in the last one and to my knowledge, is still actively bullying women.  Call it bullying or don’t call it bullying…I don’t care.  Taking pictures of women because you don’t like their clothes or their weight and then posting them for the world to see is wrong and should come with consequences.  A lot of the members on that site claim to only judge someone’s attitude and/or personality.  Yet, the main focus remains to be a woman’s weight.  The number on a damn scale does not define who someone is!!!  Pictures like that shouldn’t be allowed at all, in my opinion.  And so what…you see a woman wearing clothing that you think is too tight or too revealing.  What gives anyone the right to post their picture on the internet for the world to see?  All the energy these women put into being hateful as hell, taking pictures (instead of other useful tasks) and being on Facebook all damn day could be put to better use.  They should think of all the misery they cause.  I don’t know about anyone else but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to be the type of person that spent my day making someone’s life miserable.  Focusing on family and your own business should be a top priority.  Anyway, I hope cyber bullying is stopped soon.  No one should have their life torn to pieces for no reason.

Thanks for reading.

My adventures with the Xbox 360

I saw this picture and laughed so hard!  It was one of those laughs that is so hard no noise comes out and I end up looking like an idiot clapping at nothing!

I don’t know how most women play these Xbox games…but me???  I am absolutely horrible!  I remember my husband attempting to show me how to play the Halo game or whatever.  Working those two turny knobby things was a disaster!  One knob working the walking and one knob working the turning….come on now!  I would run into walls and just keep walking into it!  Yea, he found this kinda comical!  The picture above is so freakin’ true too!  I don’t know how to just hold that controller thing still in my lap!  I get so excited and then find myself screaming at the t.v. while running for my life! I can’t help ducking behind the controller when I’m hiding from the bad guys either.  I have tried and tried to remain calm….doesn’t work!  The Halo game just kills me.  I am the type that tries to find a lil’ “hidey hole” so I don’t die so quick.  My husband likes to play the Halo game on the board that puts the two players against each other…which is retarded.  I never last more than twenty seconds or so before he just blows me up!  When playing the regular game, I panic when there are so many bad guys that I just hit all the buttons at the same time and hope for the best.  Usually this ends in me throwing a grenade that takes out me, him and all the bad guys.   Does it ever get any better?

Now, the guitar games were a hoot too!  I play backwards, for starters.  I am right-handed so I guess that means I am supposed to strum the lil’ bar thing with my right hand…naw, not me!  My right hand won’t do that!  When we first started playing these games, I did the little kid level that only required me to hit the green button I think!  LOL  And trust me, that was difficult.  I did get better though!  I can play on the hard level now but my pinky don’t cooperate very much.  So, I did improve greatly with the guitar games, but not the fighting games.

Those fighting games…Mortal Kombat and such…don’t make any sense to me.  I just hit every single button all at the same time!  How do they expect people to remember all those combinations of moves?  Every once in a while I hit so many buttons, my person does something really cool!  And those “FINISH HIM” moves….LOL  whatever!  I never pull those off!  My person just ends up punching the woozy guy and he falls over.  I think my husband has all those moves memorized…somehow.  I swear he studies those moves while I’m sleepin’ or something.  It seems impossible to learn all the moves for one person, much less for all of them.  That’s just insane!

We got that Kinect thingy for the Xbox too.  I won’t play if the picture thingy is on though.  I don’t need a recap of how dorky I looked and how bad I sucked!  I love not having to use the knobby controller thing too.  I get to stand up and “act out” the games.  We got that Nightmare game that involves the zombies a while back.  I love that game!  I have played that game so much these past few months.  I haven’t made much progress, of course, but I kick major butt sometimes.  I don’t like that big, bad guy though.  He doesn’t talk.  He just walks around and you have to stand still and be quiet when he gets close.  NEVER WORKS FOR ME!  He seems to always know I’m standing there and then he just knocks my lil’ head off!  I have tried standing still and quiet.  I have tried squatting down.  Hell, I tried holding my breath the other day!  LOL  I have now resorted to looking up YouTube videos to see how others get past him…haha

Anyway, just thought I’d share my adventures with the Xbox with you!  I hope I’m not the only one that isn’t coordinated enough to play these games.

PMS…a guide for the guys!

Yea, I know, this is a touchy subject.  One that most men do not want to think about, discuss or acknowledge.  Yet, once a month, you still gotta deal with us!  You get confused and think we are suddenly certifiable…and yea, we kinda are!  We are “legally insane” for one week every month… kinda scary huh?  So, I will give you a few meanings of PMS and help you avoid the trauma we tend to inflict upon you!


Pass My Shotgun

Perpetual Munching Spree

Pass My Sweatpants

Puffy Mid-Section

Pardon My Sobbing

People Make me Sick

Pissy Mood Syndrome

Psychotic Mood Shift

Pack My Stuff

Pimples May Surface

Provide Me with Sweets

Potential Murder Suspect

Now that you know the meanings…I will help you survive the “week of hell”!

For starters, don’t ask us if we have PMS!  That just pisses us off even more.  And using the phrase “that time of the month” generally makes us want to rip your head off!

If we ask for it…GIVE IT!!!  This usually tends to be chocolate, wine, ice cream, etc…hell, just give us all three and hope for the best!

Try not to ask us questions.  Our brain is not functioning properly and an overload of questions (can range anywhere from two or more!) just makes us more crazy.

Walk softly and try to remain invisible…unless we start yelling for you!  Our hormones are going haywire and the pain and agony we feel cause that “certifiable” attitude.

Avoid eye contact!  This may trigger a severe psychotic episode!  We are dangerous, guys!  Eye contact makes us think you are thinking something you are not supposed to be thinking….

DO NOT tell us we are wrong!  This brings either the flow of tears or the swings with a frying pan.  Just pretend we are right for a few days… nod and agree and smile!

Help with some of the housework…not all, just some!  Sometimes just standing feels unbearable.  Load or unload the dishwasher.  It ain’t gonna hurt you one bit, trust me.

Flowers…bring some flowers!  Hell, a sticky note on the bathroom mirror saying “I love you” would work.  Roll out the sweet stuff, guys!  It will pay off.

When all else fails and you have tried everything…it may be best to get out of there and run like hell!!!

Things women say…

I cannot believe I am doing this list!  So, in advance, sorry ladies!  But I feel like I have to give the men a little insight.  The claim they aren’t mind readers and say that they can’t be expected to know what we mean….well, now they don’t have those excuses anymore!  LOL  So, guys, read and re-read and then read again to memorize this list!

1. “Fine.”

translation: It is NOT fine but I just want to end the argument and I will definitely bring this up at a later time!

2. “Whatever.”

translation:  F*&! YOU!

3. “Oh, nothing.”

translation: It is definitely something but you are expected to know what it is!  And, yes, it is YOUR fault.

4. “Should I wear this…or this?”

translation: Please act like you are seriously checking me out and considering the choices even though you don’t give a shit.

5. “5 minutes.”

translation: If I am getting dressed…fix a drink, get comfortable and watch a game for a while.  If you are watching the game, you have 5 minutes to turn that shit off!

6. “Sure, I’ll watch you play a game.”

translation: Today is opposite day!  Please turn it off!……Now, I have to add in that there are some of us that don’t mind playing the game with you.  Instead of asking us to watch…ask if we wanna play please!

7. “Don’t worry.  I got it.”

translation: Yes, I will do it…but I am really pissed off about it.  Bring me flowers or something please to show you notice the stuff I do!

8. “Do I look fat in this?”

translation:  Tell me I’m beautiful.  I really need to hear that right now.

9. “Go ahead, it’s ok.”

translation:  This is a dare…NOT PERMISSION!  Don’t Do It!!!

10. “a loud sigh”-yes, this counts as a word!  LOL   and it is usually said right before the word “whatever”  haha

translation:  You are so damn retarded and I want to assault you right now with anything I can get my hands on!

11. “Thanks.”

translation:  Thanks.  Guys, say “you’re welcome.”

12. “Thanks a lot.”

translation:  I am being sarcastic as hell.  Guys, DO NOT SAY “you’re welcome” because we will say “whatever”!  refer back to #2 if needed

13. “Don’t worry about it.”

translation:  Oh, you better worry about it!  I am pissed off or my feelings are hurt and I may just say “fine” in about 20 seconds!

14. “We need to do this…”

translation:  I really want to do this so please just go along with it and shut up.

15. “Sure, we don’t have to do anything…go hang out with the guys.”

translation:  It is opposite day again.  Either keep plans with me or include me in yours dammit!

16. “I’m just having a bad day.”

translation:  It’s not your fault, well maybe it is….hold me….tell me I’m beautiful….I’m PMSing…you have done something wrong….<~~~any or all of the ones listed guys!

17. “What?”

translation:  I heard you…I’m just giving you a chance to change what you said.

18. “You’re right.”

translation:  You are WRONG.  I am just so damn right that I’m gonna wait until you are proven wrong so I can gloat about it for a very long time!

19. “Are you listening to me?”

translation:  Too late…I am about to start yelling!

20. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

translation:  You better lie and lie good buddy!  And do not show that lil’ sly smile either!

21. “I’ll drive.”

translation:  You scare the shit outta me when you drive!  It’s like you are impersonating those men from NASCAR.

22. “What time will you be home?”

translation:  I probably don’t want you to go in the first place but I am hoping you give me a reasonable time with a lil’ compliment in there somewhere.

So, there you have it guys!  I hope you memorize this list to assist you in the future and if you don’t…..whatever.     LOL