Drama among Military wives 2

Well damn, looks like the drama is heating up again!  I have come across several things here lately dealing with the ladies being vicious and hateful.  Before I go into them I have an opinion I’d like to share with you.  I don’t care what color you are, what shape you have or what size clothes you wear…good and decent people and, of course, the bad ones come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  I don’t believe in judging anyone based on appearance.  What people do with their personal lives is not my concern…as long as it doesn’t harm my family.  Everyone is different and things that go on behind other’s closed doors is their business.  Judging others is conceited and wrong…in my opinion!

Now, I’ve been reading more and more posts online and seen the viciousness of gossip lately.  All the “he said, she said” is a bit ridiculous.  So many of the military wives, not ALL of them…so don’t jump just yet!,  do their best to keep up with what is going on in everyone else’s lives.  Lots of them spend their days trying to keep track of which wife or soldier has been lying, cheating, misbehaving, etc.  They make calls to see who did what last weekend or who got “home late” from work…blah blah blah.  For what???  Why make their lives the center of yours?  Why let the actions or possible actions of others consume your day?  If someone lives their life in a way you find offensive, simply do not hang out with them.  It is that simple.  I have also seen posts of someone sharing specific details of someone’s problems.  Why do that?  If a wife calls for advice, be kind and help out or gracefully bow out of the situation.  Don’t take her hardship and share it with the world.  Don’t blast her name and her business for all to see.

Next on the list…RANK!  Please please please realize that your husband’s rank is his own, not yours.  His rank does not apply to you, nor does it get you anything.  He earned his rank with hard work and dedication…and putting up with all the shit he has to on a daily basis!  There is nothing wrong, however, with being patriotic and showing your pride.  Be proud of your husband and his accomplishments.  Be proud that he serves his country.  But don’t, for one second, think that anyone owes you anything.  Your husband chose his career and you chose to be his wife.  Choosing to be his wife comes with a different lifestyle than that of a civilian, yes.  BUT no one owes you anything for being a “military wife”.

The last one is the nasty one….so before I go any further, let me remind you that this is my opinion.  This is something I feel very strongly about.  Some will agree and some will disagree.  Those that disagree…I know the shitty comments and excuses may be left in the comments.  Go right ahead…it will just help make my point.  And before anyone gets all technical…yes, I said shitty comments and excuses because that is my opinion of them.

drum roll please!  haha…….CYBER BULLYING!  Ahhh…the one that makes a lot of people roll their eyes!  My first post about drama among military wives caused a little bit of an uproar.  I know there are sites out there that seem to have the sole purpose of picking out certain military wives and bashing the hell outta them online.  Personally, I think it is one of the most low and cowardly things to do to someone.  The OSMW site was mentioned in the last one and to my knowledge, is still actively bullying women.  Call it bullying or don’t call it bullying…I don’t care.  Taking pictures of women because you don’t like their clothes or their weight and then posting them for the world to see is wrong and should come with consequences.  A lot of the members on that site claim to only judge someone’s attitude and/or personality.  Yet, the main focus remains to be a woman’s weight.  The number on a damn scale does not define who someone is!!!  Pictures like that shouldn’t be allowed at all, in my opinion.  And so what…you see a woman wearing clothing that you think is too tight or too revealing.  What gives anyone the right to post their picture on the internet for the world to see?  All the energy these women put into being hateful as hell, taking pictures (instead of other useful tasks) and being on Facebook all damn day could be put to better use.  They should think of all the misery they cause.  I don’t know about anyone else but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want to be the type of person that spent my day making someone’s life miserable.  Focusing on family and your own business should be a top priority.  Anyway, I hope cyber bullying is stopped soon.  No one should have their life torn to pieces for no reason.

Thanks for reading.


Things women say…

I cannot believe I am doing this list!  So, in advance, sorry ladies!  But I feel like I have to give the men a little insight.  The claim they aren’t mind readers and say that they can’t be expected to know what we mean….well, now they don’t have those excuses anymore!  LOL  So, guys, read and re-read and then read again to memorize this list!

1. “Fine.”

translation: It is NOT fine but I just want to end the argument and I will definitely bring this up at a later time!

2. “Whatever.”

translation:  F*&! YOU!

3. “Oh, nothing.”

translation: It is definitely something but you are expected to know what it is!  And, yes, it is YOUR fault.

4. “Should I wear this…or this?”

translation: Please act like you are seriously checking me out and considering the choices even though you don’t give a shit.

5. “5 minutes.”

translation: If I am getting dressed…fix a drink, get comfortable and watch a game for a while.  If you are watching the game, you have 5 minutes to turn that shit off!

6. “Sure, I’ll watch you play a game.”

translation: Today is opposite day!  Please turn it off!……Now, I have to add in that there are some of us that don’t mind playing the game with you.  Instead of asking us to watch…ask if we wanna play please!

7. “Don’t worry.  I got it.”

translation: Yes, I will do it…but I am really pissed off about it.  Bring me flowers or something please to show you notice the stuff I do!

8. “Do I look fat in this?”

translation:  Tell me I’m beautiful.  I really need to hear that right now.

9. “Go ahead, it’s ok.”

translation:  This is a dare…NOT PERMISSION!  Don’t Do It!!!

10. “a loud sigh”-yes, this counts as a word!  LOL   and it is usually said right before the word “whatever”  haha

translation:  You are so damn retarded and I want to assault you right now with anything I can get my hands on!

11. “Thanks.”

translation:  Thanks.  Guys, say “you’re welcome.”

12. “Thanks a lot.”

translation:  I am being sarcastic as hell.  Guys, DO NOT SAY “you’re welcome” because we will say “whatever”!  refer back to #2 if needed

13. “Don’t worry about it.”

translation:  Oh, you better worry about it!  I am pissed off or my feelings are hurt and I may just say “fine” in about 20 seconds!

14. “We need to do this…”

translation:  I really want to do this so please just go along with it and shut up.

15. “Sure, we don’t have to do anything…go hang out with the guys.”

translation:  It is opposite day again.  Either keep plans with me or include me in yours dammit!

16. “I’m just having a bad day.”

translation:  It’s not your fault, well maybe it is….hold me….tell me I’m beautiful….I’m PMSing…you have done something wrong….<~~~any or all of the ones listed guys!

17. “What?”

translation:  I heard you…I’m just giving you a chance to change what you said.

18. “You’re right.”

translation:  You are WRONG.  I am just so damn right that I’m gonna wait until you are proven wrong so I can gloat about it for a very long time!

19. “Are you listening to me?”

translation:  Too late…I am about to start yelling!

20. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

translation:  You better lie and lie good buddy!  And do not show that lil’ sly smile either!

21. “I’ll drive.”

translation:  You scare the shit outta me when you drive!  It’s like you are impersonating those men from NASCAR.

22. “What time will you be home?”

translation:  I probably don’t want you to go in the first place but I am hoping you give me a reasonable time with a lil’ compliment in there somewhere.

So, there you have it guys!  I hope you memorize this list to assist you in the future and if you don’t…..whatever.     LOL