Gun control bill rejected

This gun issue has caused quite a stir among Americans.

People are so quick to blame guns when something happens.  It really pisses me off.

Bombs go off and the bombers are blamed.  A school stabbing tragedy happens and the person holding the knife is blamed.  A school shooting happens and all hell breaks loose with guns being blamed.  Seriously?!?  I mean, damn, why not put background checks on knives and outlaw crockpots!  Haha!  Get real people.

Bad people are going to do bad things with ANY object.

Pots, knives, baseball bat, a pair of scissors, a hammer, a brick, a vehicle….hell, I’ve beat up a guy (he hit me first by the way!) with my shoe before!

Putting a ban on certain weapons won’t stop violence.  Expanding background checks won’t make bad guys turn good.  A big percentage of kids that go to school with a gun stole the damn thing to begin with.  They didn’t purchase it, they stole it.

I’m also tired of hearing this stupid “90%” comment from some people.  90% of Americans never agreed with this gun control bill to begin with.  Politicians spit out numbers and percentages all the time.  Do your research guys.  And the NRA is NOT the mob!  Lots of people are acting like the NRA dished out threats and such to Senators about this bill….really?!?  The NRA is not backing Senators into a corner and threatening them.

Bottom line:  In my opinion, guns are not the problem.  People are the problem.  People do bad things without a care in the world.  They choose to do harm to people, not caring how many others are also hurt by their actions.  People hurt people with all kinds of objects.  It’s not the object, it’s the individual that chooses to take another person’s life.


Huffington Post Idiot

 Well, David Wood has officially been put on my doo-doo list.  He has called the military lifestyle and benefits “lavish”.  Really?!?  What in the hell is this guy smoking?

He says that military bases, housing, support services, family counseling, and others are considered lavish.  I guess he forgot all about the hardships that the military and their families endure.  What about the deployments?  What about never knowing if your spouse will come home?  There are no soldiers getting pampered during long ass deployments.  Maybe he forgot to look at the pay charts…they are listed online for all to see.  I guess he doesn’t know about all the training and school either.  Yea, that’s more time away from family.


Housing on post ain’t that extravagant.  Where did he get that shit from?  Support services and family counseling…those are part of a lavish lifestyle???  Has this idiot ever endured a deployment?  Has he had to leave his family for 12 months?  Has he had to see the horrible sights of war that no soldier can ever forget?  This guy is a real piece of work.  I understand he has covered certain conflicts since 1970 and I am not saying that is easy…but trust me…this idiot makes a lot more money than an active duty soldier.  So, who is living a more lavish lifestyle?


Way to go Wood!!!  Cramming your own foot so far down your throat has been amusing.  I can only hope…with your “lavish life”, all your money, your cute awards, your little important inner circle of people, and all the other life riches…you gain a more accurate description of the military lifestyle and benefits.

Newtown Massacre…my Solution

I’m sure everyone has heard about this horrible incident.  For those who haven’t…here is the short version.  Adam Lanza, 20, shot and killed his mother and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School.  He stalked into the school, without being buzzed in, and killed 20 children and 6 adults.  20 innocent babies were stripped of their futures and 6 adults died protecting the children they loved.

This incident has caused a lot of shock and heartache.  But the one thing that I don’t understand is the anger people are holding towards guns.  Why blame the weapons?  Weapons DO NOT kill people…people kill people.  And people do it all the time…whether it’s with a gun, knife, box cutter, poison, baseball bat, fire, car, etc.  Hell, Bundy used a crowbar people!  Should we outlaw those too?!?

I’ll tell ya what I think we should do.

Veterans need jobs!  Veterans, with honorable discharges and background checks, would be a wonderful idea!  Give our Veterans the honor and responsibility of protecting our children.  I know several Veterans who would love the privilege.  Retired police officers would be a great idea too.  Random drug tests could be given, as with any other job.  The Veterans could receive training from the police force along with approval and certification to carry and shoot the particular weapon that they would carry.

I’m not sure about the laws and such but maybe the Veterans could go to the station to get the issued weapons or carry their own with the proper permits.  Updates can be given daily, at the station, about any concerns and current events.  They would patrol only during school hours.  And the schools should be allowed to budget in the guards.  The safety of our children should be considered priceless!  Guards should be allowed to do random locker and book bag checks.

This can work!  We just have to find a way.  I believe this will cut down on shootings, fights, and other types of violence in general.  Our teachers are not equipped or trained for these situations and they shouldn’t have to be, in my opinion.  Veterans and retired police officers have been trained for these situations and would be honored to keep watch over our children.  Taking away guns from citizens in this country is wrong.  We have and wish to keep the right to protect ourselves and our families.  Please remember, people kill people.  People can use any object to take the life of another.  Guns are not the problem.

Jason Voorhees

Well, I was informed last night, by my horror master husband, that Jason Voorhees should have come before Michael Myers. Hmmm…

Jason Voorhees is a complicated character to me…well, maybe he’s so simple it’s kinda complicated. Not sure if that makes much sense! Anyway, the Jason character gets his start as a deformed and mentally challenged child. His mother was a cook at Camp Crystal Lake and, due to not having a sitter, she had to take him to work with her for the summer. The other children bullied him and called him names. One day, out on the dock, the kids were picking on him and he fell in the lake and drowned. The camp counselors were not watching the kids because they were off somewhere having sex. Jason’s mother became outraged and took revenge on the counselors. I’m not sure how many she killed but she was one mad mama!

Years later Jason emerges again…after we all thought he was dead! He is living in the woods at Camp Crystal Lake in a small shack. The camp is reopened and given the nickname Camp Blood, I believe. He starts out wearing some kind of potato sack thingy over his head and begins killing all the counselors…especially the ones who are engaging in premarital sex. He finds that to be a big no-no! He stalks through the woods with a big ol’ machete hacking up teenagers every summer.

I think the thing that kinda aggravates me though is the fact that he is pretty much immortal. All the other “bad guys” seems human even though they all seem to possess unique skills. You can drown this guy, chop his head off, grind his head in a grinder…he just keeps coming back!

All in all, this guy has created fear for anyone deciding to go camping, walking through the woods at night and any of those little bumps in the night that occur while you’re trying to convince yourself it’s just the house settling!

Drama among Military Wives…housing inspections

Ok, last week I saw a post concerning housing inspections on and off post.  The woman said that her husband had informed her that there was an incident within his unit that required a housing inspection due to health and welfare reasons.  So, basically, instead of inspecting that one soldier’s home, the entire unit was to prepare for inspections.  She was a bit upset about this.  She said she didn’t want them coming in and looking through their stuff and claimed it is an invasion of privacy.  Now…there were SEVERAL responses to this post.  Some said that inspections off post could take place.  Some said the off post inspections weren’t legal without a search warrant.  And some said it really doesn’t matter either way.  The official regulation was brought into the matter and still there was a thickness in the air about this subject.

Now you know I’m gonna throw in my two cents worth on this one!!!

First… an active duty soldier gives up certain rights when he joins the Army.  That is a fact.  You don’t have to like it and you don’t have to agree with it.  But as the spouse, you DO have to grit your teeth on some things and just realize it’s the way things are.  Like it or not you married into this type of lifestyle and you have the choice to get out of it.  I do not care one way or the other what the regulation says on this particular matter.  I would just roll with it!  It’s not that huge of a deal!  They just take a look around, from what I have been told, to be sure the living conditions are suitable.

Second thing… one of the responsibilities when leading a unit is the health and welfare of the soldiers.  The Commander of a unit does not just tend to one soldier when there is a complaint or a situation that is brought to light.  He/She looks out for the unit as a whole.  Every soldier’s health and welfare should be a priority.  I’m not saying everything is as it should be or that everything is perfect…believe me.  But this one incident involving the welfare of a soldier could lead to 4 more incidents.  Upon doing the inspections 4 more homes may be found that should be addressed.  And think about the possible children in those homes.  Had the inspections not been done, those children would have suffered longer do to improper living conditions.  At least that’s the way I look at it.

Third thing… keep your damn house cleaned!!!  If you are raising hell about chain of command doing searches you either live in filth or have something to hide.  JUST MY OPINION!  And I don’t wanna hear the excuses either.  You may work a full-time job and have three kids, but your house can still stay in decent enough order.  You could have a friend help out.  You could give your children a chore list so that their toys and dirty clothes stay picked up.  Hell, there are several cleaning services offered around that have affordable prices.  There is really no excuse for your home to be in such bad condition that you fear inspection.

Last but not least…a lot of spouses need to keep in mind that they are SPOUSES…You are NOT a soldier, you are a spouse.  You don’t get a say in the matter.  You didn’t raise your hand and take the oath.  You don’t wear the uniform.  You don’t serve in the Army.  His chain of command is not yours!  They don’t care if you agree or disagree with rules and regulations.  The job of an Army wife is difficult, trust me.  You are the glue at home and you deal with so much crap on a daily basis and this life would make most civilians go insane.  But you are not the soldier.  Please keep that in mind.

With all that said…I’m not saying this woman lives in filth or that she has something to hide.  I do, however, think most people who complain about this issue have dirty houses or have things to hide.  She basically stated that the invasion of privacy was her issue.  My advice to her, although she may not want it!, is to just let them take a look around.  It’s really not a big deal.  I highly doubt they will begin going through your things and turning over furniture.

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley



Nicknames: “The Great Beast” and “The Wickedest Man in the World”

My research shows that Aleister Crowley was a witch, a poet, a prophet and famed occultist.  As a child, he constantly rebelled against the Christian teachings of his parents.  He didn’t necessarily disbelieve in God or Satan, but he felt there was more of a spiritual aspect that needed exploring.  He went to college where he wrote and studied poetry.  His first book of poetry, Aceldama, A Place to Bury Strangers In”, was published in 1898.  In the preface of the book he wrote about how God and Satan had fought over his soul.  He wrote, “God conquered-and now I have only one doubt left-which of the twain was God?”.

He became interested in the “Great White Brotherhood”, a brotherhood of occultists.  He joined the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”, the elusive Great White Brotherhood, in November of 1898.  He then joined a coven, New Forrest Witches, in 1899, but was kicked out due to his bias toward homosexuality and his hatred towards women.  Crowley advanced quickly through the ranks of the Golden Dawn, but was dismissed in 1900 due to issues within the order and with MacGregor Mathors.

Crowley began studying Tantric Yoga, Buddhism and I Ching.  He lived in isolation for a while near Loch Ness in Scotland.  In 1903 he met and married Rose Edith Kelly.  The two of them took a trip to Egypt in 1904 and participated in a ritual.  He claimed to receive messages from the Gods during this ritual.

In 1909 he was using “Enochian” magic and explored the levels of the astral plane.  This resulted in his claim to uniting his consciousness with the universal consciousness.  In his magazine, The Equinox, he published the rituals of the Golden Dawn.  And by 1913 he was becoming known as a Black Magician and Satanist.  He often used the number 666 to identify himself.  This seems to be the point in his life that triggered the outrageous behavior associated with his reputation.  He was engaging in sexual magic with several Scarlet Women trying to produce a “Magical Child”.  The book “Moonchild” was published in 1929 and describes his attempts.

In 1920 Crowley established the Abbey of Thelema at Cefalu.  Many claimed that there were satanic rituals going on there.  Although most of these allegations have been proven wrong, the ruler of Italy banished him from Sicily in 1923.

Witchcraft continued to be a major part of Crowley’s life.  His research and practice became more and more prominent.  In 1932 he began meeting with Sybil Leek, a 9-year-old hereditary witch.  She later wrote her autobiography, “Diary of a Witch”, and spoke of Crowley’s visits and their talks of witchcraft.

Bankruptcy plagued Crowley in 1934.  He was living in a hotel at the time of his death and left instructions to be cremated.  His ashes were sent to some of his followers in the United States.

Although the reputation of this man centers around Satanism and the black magic it is associated with, Crowley’s writings and knowledge of witchcraft and magic are now being reprinted as more people either become curious about his work or appreciate his “genius” status of the arts and the spirituality of life.

I’m not quite sure what to think about his man.  If I go on his reputation, I would be scared of him!  However, I try not to judge people based on their reputation.  Perhaps he was like all scientists are…curious and knowledgable.  Curiosity leads us to dip into things we do not understand.  We are all curious about life, spirituality, life after death and the capabilities of the mind.  Most of the time we find that acquiring that knowledge leads to experiences.  Maybe Aleister Crowley wasn’t such a bad man after all….maybe he was.  You decide.

Kony 2012…my opinion

I have wrestled with the idea of even addressing this subject.  So many people do not understand the meaning of the word “opinion”.  My opinions are usually comical, yet there are certain subjects that cause a lot of drama.  So, I ask that you refrain from being judgmental and respect our differences of opinion…if we, in fact, do disagree!

Kony 2012 is a 30 minute documentary that was made to promote the awareness about Joseph Kony and hopefully lead to his arrest.  Kony is a Ugandan war criminal that runs the “Lord’s Resistance Army”.  This group kills and abuses the children of Uganda.  They steal the children and attempt to turn them into ruthless killers.  In October 2011 Obama sent 100 American military advisors to Uganda to help the Ugandan forces remove Kony.  Here is where I begin to have an issue.  I hate the fact that Uganda has this issue, I really do.  No child should have to worry about being kidnapped in the middle of the night…much less by a group that will either kill them or make them kill others.  BUT our military forces have enough on their hands right now.  Our soldiers are currently still in a war with Afghanistan.  Our country is dealing with a tremendous debt.  This debt will never decrease if we continue to rush into other countries instead of focusing on our own country.  Time and time again we see in the news how the debt is causing horrible economic issues.  And for some unknown reason…we continuously run to the aid of others.  We have issues here at home!  We have our own crime and poverty issues here.  Here is a link for current poverty stats within the United States…  And please take the time to look at how much money we have spent on the war at hand.  The amount is staggering!  And I keep thinking to myself…”Why do our military forces have to rush to the aid of so many others?  Why should we, and no one else, handle the situation in Uganda?  Why did the U.S. have to handle the Haiti earthquake tragedy single-handed?  Who rushed to our aid when Hurricane Katrina caused so much destruction?”…I try to look at it using a smaller example too.  For example:  your household contains you, your spouse and two children.  Your marriage is a little rocky.  Your children are out of control.  Now, should you be rushing to the aid of another household every time someone else has a problem?  Or would it be smarter to fix your own household before you help others?  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to take care of your own before you begin trying to fix everyone else?  If you constantly ignore your own issues at home they will never, ever get better.  They will continue going downhill until repair becomes impossible.  I am very proud to be American.  I love my country.  I love our freedom.  I do not want to see this country go down the tube due to the fact that we didn’t focus on our home at all.  I just think we currently have a lot on our plate right now.  I don’t want to see us have to add another issue to the top of the pile.  And please remember, this is my opinion…not meant to disrespect anyone.

On a lighter note…I actually laughed out loud on this one!  Jason Russell is the co-founder of “Invisible Children, Inc.”.  This group is responsible for the Kony 2012 documentary that was just released a little over two weeks ago.  Mr. Russell has dedicated a lot of time and energy to this film yet, he was just arrested!  Now I have to admit, when I heard he was arrested, I assumed it was due to some sort of public outrage about this Kony guy.  Naw!  LOL  It seems that the San Diego police received several calls and had to arrest Mr. Russell due to the fact that he was naked and masturbating in the street while vandalizing vehicles!  What in the hell is wrong with this guy?  And was he doing all that at one time?  ha-ha  Man, you have worked so hard to get your hard work noticed.  Your video went viral and reached thousands and thousands!  Why in the hell would you go insane all of a sudden?

Anyway, please feel free to express your opinion in a comment.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone with mine.