Music…the power it holds

Music…so many different kinds of sounds, beats, lyrics.  There are several genres out there that suit every individual specifically.  Music has the ability to reach deep down inside a person.  It can lift you up when you’re down.  It can make you feel strength when you’re at the end of your rope.  Feelings have a way of surfacing when music is involved.  Memories can come flooding back by a few simple lyrics.

Music can make you feel…

alive, free, confident, relaxed, fortunate, calm, frisky, love, enraged, sympathy, unique, perplexed, determination, bold, uncertain, daring… just to name a few!  Music can make you look at things in a different light.  You may be involved in a situation that leaves you feeling lost and alone and one song could show you another path or give you the strength to see it through to the end.  Some songs make you laugh, some make you cry and some songs make you scream out loud!

I’ve got a list of songs to share.  I just scrolled through my music so that’s why they are in alphabetical order and not in order of “favorites”.

American Trilogy (Elvis)-  This song makes me smile on those long rough days.  I remember my Daddy singing this song.

Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang)-  This is definitely a giggle song!  I laugh out loud when listening to this.  It reminds me of my brother.  He sings this song with some purpose!  Haha  And he somehow knows all the words yet I get tongue-tied trying.

Bitch (Meredith Brooks)-  I know I know…this song is old and worn out!  But on those days when I’m having woman issues I turn this song up really loud and scream it rather than sing it!

Bohemian Rhapsody and Fat Bottom Girls (Queen)-  Funny songs that bring on a good laugh!

Born to Boogie (Hank Williams Jr.)-  This song brings back memories!  When I was little my Mom had this song on a record.  I would play it every Sunday night.  The best part about it was that I would drag my little brother upstairs and dress him up like a girl and then send him marching downstairs to put on a show for my parents!

Boys of Fall (Kenny Chesney)-  This one reminds me of highschool.  I come from a small town where highschool football was the highlight of Friday nights.  Several of my friends were on the football team and, as an athlete myself, we lived for game days and wearing our jerseys down the halls at school.

Cedartown, Georgia (Waylon Jennings)-  At first, this song was a funny one…well it still is but it never had a memory connected to it until I got married.  Right after my husband and I got married we said our goodbyes to family members and left in his truck.  This song is the one that was playing as we were pulling out of the parking lot!  I’m not sure if the Ipod was on shuffle or not (hahaha) but it made for one hell of a funny memory!

Elvira (Oak Ridge Boys)-  Another funny one shared between siblings!  My brother and I used to sing this one to the top of our lungs.  There is one part of the song we loved and would try to sing as low and we could…too hilarious!

Eye of the Tiger (Foreigner)-  Two things make this song one of my favorites.  My daughter loves this song.  She does her little rocker face whenever she hears it!  It is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  The other reason I love this song is the feeling I get from it.  I always picture the Rocky movies, of course, and I get this “kick butt feeling”!  I feel like I can take on the world!

Fall (Clay Walker)-  This song makes me sit back and think.  It’s a song from a man to a woman.  He is letting her know that she can “fall” into him when she needs him.  He understands that women cry, sometimes for nothing at all, and feel strong emotions when things aren’t that serious…but sometimes all we need is a shoulder to lean on.  It’s one of those songs that makes us women feel better.

Four Rusted Horses (Marilyn Manson)- I’m not sure why but this song is awesome!  I like a lot of his songs, but this one makes me relax…unless I’m driving and then it makes me speed a little!

Georgia Peaches (Lynyrd Skynyrd)-  Well, I’m a Georgia Peach myself…so this song hits home with me!  There’s one line in the song that makes me and my husband laugh everytime…inside joke that I don’t wanna share!  Sorry!

Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)-  Oldie but goodie here!  I also think of the movie “The Strangers” every time I hear it.  Love love love that movie!

More I Drink (Blake Shelton)-  Definitely a song that reminds me of my husband!  He is such a hoot, especially after a few drinks and he gets on a roll!  Love it!

Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)-  I hear this song and I think of my husband.  I think about our marriage and the fact that he is the best friend I have ever had.  When the world doesn’t seem fair and stress seems to take over, nothing else matters but us and our love for each other.  I feel calm and secure when I hear this song.

Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)-  Ok, I am laughing while trying to type this!  This song makes me laugh out loud and I have no idea why.  It turns my mood around in a second!

Smoky Mountain Rain (Ronnie Milsap)-  This song brings back a memory about my Mom.  I remember being little and dancing around the living room with her.  She would put this on after my nap or while cleaning the house and we would dance and laugh together.

Stand By Your Man (Tammy Wynette)-  This is just one of those songs that my husband and I share.  Take a listen and see what ya think.

Summertime (Kenny Chesney)-  I love this song!  I immediately think of summer, 1999, beach trip to Florida, acting like a fool teenager and having the time of my life!

Well, I think that list is long enough!  I love music and I wish more people would focus on the lyrics and the feelings they bring.  Instead of blaming music or musicians for bad things, I think everyone should lean on music sometimes and see what it really has to offer.