Super Nintendo days with my Brother!

I got a text message from my brother this evening…reminding me about the “oh so early days” of playing Super Nintendo games with him.  I had to take a minute before I could text back due to my endless attack of the giggles!  The memories that came flooding back were awesome!  I gave my brother hell growing up.  The things I used to put this kid through…it’s a miracle he is still alive and kicking!  I’ll go into those days in another post soon.  But playing games with me was nothing short of an all out battle royal!

We used to play games like Star Fox, Mario Kart (sp), Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.  I remember us playing these games on the weekends, early in the mornings while our cereal went soggy.  Those rainy days when Mom probably wanted to pull her hair out…yea, we were in the living room acting like rabid animals over these games.

The funniest part about playing these games with him was the violence!  I was one violent chick when I lost a life on Mario Bros.!  I would accidentally fall into a hole or die from one of those lil’ turtle thingys and just as soon as that music would play…the death tune!…I would turn and punch or frog him right in the arm!  Poor thing would immediately flinch at the sound of that music!  HAHA  I was horrible!

Street Fighter was one that he CHEATED on all the time!  Yes, you know you did Brother!!!  He would say, “Ok, ok…wait a minute.  You go to the right side over there and I will go to the left side so I can practice my moves.”  He would practice his “moves” for about 20 seconds and then ATTACK THE HELL OUTTA ME…WITH NO WARNING!  He would whoop me every time that way.

The last one I’m gonna mention is Star Fox…this guy aggravated the shit outta me during this game.  He never hushed and then, without warning AGAIN, he would cover my eyes!  I crashed left and right on that game!  I think I was the froggy one on that game.  It doesn’t really matter since I never lasted more than a minute or so!  Haha

Anyway, I LOVED playing these games with my brother.  Some of the funniest memories we share involve the Super Nintendo.  I hope we share many more game playing battles!