Stroller Rage!

I recently read an article about stroller habits that piss off the entire world.  I had to giggle because I am guilty of most of them!  Of course I have to throw my two cents worth in and explain the stroller issues.

1.  Not closing the stroller in a crowded restaurant-  Ok, for starters, crowded restaurants are a pain in the ass for everyone.  And depending on how many babies are in there… a high chair may not be available.  Now some may say that if one isn’t available I should go somewhere else.  I say, “If you don’t like it, you can leave.”  We usually try to stay away from crowded places but it’s not always easy.  We also try to eat outside to avoid the crowd inside.

2.  Hitting people in the back of their ankles-  I’ve only ran my hubby over so far with the stroller, but accidents happen people!  You don’t get all bent out of shape bumping shoulders on a crowded street.  Why get all crazy about this?

3.  Blocking the view at the zoo-  Teach your children patience!  Oh, and find some for yourself as well.  We all have to wait our turn at the zoo sometimes.  This one is just crazy to me…so petty.  Parents these days need to work on their parenting skills.  My children have to learn to wait their turn, why not yours???

4.  Refusing to fold the stroller on a crowded bus-  I’ve never taken the bus so I cannot relate to this one.  I don’t even see how someone could get on a bus with a stroller unfolded.

5.  Using the stroller as a walker-  Oh yea!  I’ve leaned on the stroller quite a few times!  Does it really bother you that I lean on the stroller?  How does it affect your day?  Seriously?  And have you gone days and days without sleep because your 5mth old has his/her days and nights mixed up?  Didn’t think so….so shut up.

6.  Knocking over store displays-  I haven’t had this accident but not saying I won’t.  Some stores are so cramped and have no organization.  I’ve been in some stores that made maneuvering a stroller about as hard as playing Operation!

7.  Taking up the entire sidewalk-  Really?  Go around or go play in traffic!  Geez!  How petty can people get?  We don’t control the width of the sidewalks.  Talk to your city council about that one.  Does this really piss you off or are you just trying to get smashed in the ankles?

8.  Using the stroller as a glorified shopping cart-  I admit that when I go to places like a swap meet or flea market, I use a huge ring thing that clips on the stroller handle that holds the bags.  But why does that piss anyone off?

Well, there you have it.  Just a few things that some people get irritated about for no particular reason.


The Ransom Box! Haha!


Kids are wonderful.  Kids are precious.  Kids make our world go round.

Kids have the power…to destroy a house in 3 minutes!


Admit it!  Kids can seriously destroy a living room in the time takes you to fix a cup of coffee!  All parents go through this lovely stage.  We go through the dreaded time of trying to teach them to clean up their messes and pick up their toys.


My daughter is turning 10 this year and we still have a hard time getting her to keep her room clean, dirty clothes picked up, and putting her toys away after playing with them.  We have used the chore chart in the past but that failed mainly because of me.  I would have my daily things to do while she was at school and would end up doing her stuff just to get everything done.  Ugh!  It was very frustrating for me to clean the house but have to leave certain things undone.  Another issue has been all her toys, crafts, and electronics left out.  She leaves her stuff everywhere!  My husband and I would gather her things and drop them in her room.  That left me feeling kinda crappy though when I would stay on her about cleaning her room.  I know I shouldn’t have felt that way, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I made her room messy by chunking stuff in there.

Well, we have finally found an awesome solution!!!  Drum roll please………….

The Ransom Box


We used one of my husband’s old Army boxes and a jar for the chores.  Anything that she leaves out goes into the box and she must draw a chore from the jar to get an item back.  She’s not allowed to go through the box at any time.  She must do a chore to open the box and then she can go through and pick one thing.  Last week she left her purse in the dining room, her craft box in the living room floor, and her school shoes under the kitchen table (again!).  She realized her purse must have been put into the box so she asked if she could draw a chore.  She completed her chore and went to the box.  I waited to see what she would choose, since she NEEDS her school shoes.  A few seconds later she walked into the living room and showed me her school shoes!  Haha!  This was her first lesson with the Ransom Box.  It didn’t take her long to figure out that keeping her stuff put away nice and neat would save her from having to do chores to get her shoes out!

My next goal…figuring out how to get my husband to pick up his stuff!

In the news…child left at Chuck E. Cheese

I just saw a news story about a 5-year-old little girl who was left behind by her mother at a Chuck E. Cheese.  According to the news story this happened last Thursday and it was actually a birthday celebration for this little girl.  The mother, who is an absolute moron in my opinion, has nine other children and DID NOT REALIZE that she had LEFT HER CHILD UNTIL THE FOLLOWING MORNING!!!  What the hell, lady???

For starters, Chuck E. Cheese is an establishment FOR KIDS!  Our children are the reason we go here!  It is loud and packed with tons of kids hyped up on coca-cola and pizza.  Kids are running around like crazy.  This place requires some Excedrin people!  And don’t blame the establishment folks.  Chuck E. Cheese stamps the hands of parents and children for safety.  This is to prevent anyone leaving with your child.  But to leave her child behind….come on now!  How can you forget your child?  It was HER birthday and the reason you were there in the first place!

The news stated that this mother has nine other children…I’m sorry, but you don’t need 10 kids if you tend to forget them.  I’m not sure how she failed to notice this little girl was missing until the next morning.  What did she do with the other nine?  I’m assuming she tended to them when it came to a nightly routine….baths, brushing teeth, pajamas, tucked into bed, etc.  If you have ten kids…you gotta do a headcount!  Count those kids off like you would the seven dwarfs!  And have another adult that can help you out too, if needed.

Anyway, I think this whole ordeal is crazy.  I honestly hope there are some sort of consequences for this woman.  And I hope this little girl is ok and not too traumatized.  I can’t imagine what she went through that night.

You know you’re an Army wife when…2

You know you’re an Army wife when…

Your cell phone is always on, charged, never on silent and always within reach!

The people at the post office know you by name.

There is a closet or room specifically for ALL his Army gear and stuff.

His OCD starts rubbin’ off on you!

You know his “last four” better than your own!

You only know his friends by their last name.  First names are kinda nonexistent!

Your husband says “negative” instead of “no”.

You truly learn the meaning of “hurry up and wait!”

You save his voice mails just to be able to hear his voice whenever you want to during deployments…

Your computer rings and your kid(s) start yelling “Daddy!!!”