Ahh Army Life…

Well, my little family is complete once again!  My hubby was out-of-town for two weeks for a class and just got back in last night.  It’s nice to have things back to normal again.  Although I’m sure it will just be a matter of a few months or so before something else comes up and he has to leave again.  Ahh, Army life…

I know there are a lot of new Army wives out there that feel lost and worried.  You feel overwhelmed and wonder if your life will ever feel normal.  You look at other couples and wonder how they do it or you watch them fall apart.  You hear the gossip and the horror stories.  Perhaps you are facing your first deployment and the idea of him leaving is tearing you apart.  Maybe you are a few months into the deployment and each day feels longer than the last.  Whatever the case, I am here to help with any questions or concerns you have.  Remember you have tons of support on post and within your FRG (hopefully).

I won’t pretend to have all the answers and I won’t preach that my advice is the best.  What I can tell you is…don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t get bogged down with the things you can’t change.  If he is deploying, come to terms with the fact that he is going to deploy.  If he has already deployed, take it one day at a time.  I know that sounds impossible to do sometimes.  You can’t change those orders, so just accept ’em.  Take the time to talk with friends and family.  Keep your friends around ya.  Have a girl’s night or a girl’s spa day.  Get the kids together for playdates.

Don’t listen to the gossip and drama!  It’s pointless and just weighs you down.  It doesn’t matter what wife did what or which husband said this and that.  People are gonna talk and they are gonna talk to anyone who will listen.  I have met countless chicks who gossip like crazy and will make stuff up just because they are bored as hell.  Simply don’t talk to them….or about them.

Oh!  I forgot to talk about the holidays!  Look, your soldier is gonna miss holidays…the trick is in how you adjust to it.  I’ll give ya a few examples…

Halloween~~If he will be home anytime in the month of October, dress up!  If ya’ll have children, talk to a few friends and/or family about having a little trick or treating!  If that’s not an option, talk to people in your neighborhood.  We have done that before!  We trick or treated a couple of weeks before the actual holiday.

Christmas~~You can send his gifts to him and maybe get in a video chat.  You can have Christmas whenever he gets home.  This year we Christmas again in April!  He got home that first week of April and we did Christmas all over again.

Valentine’s Day~~This can be done the same as Christmas.  Send stuff if you can and then celebrate it when he gets back.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Make due with what you can.  Take lots of pictures and make scrap books!  You will be so glad you did!  You will never forget these experiences and will love to look back on the memories of doing Christmas in July!

Hope some of this helps!


Our Family Holidays…

My family, as I have stated before, is a rare breed!  We have our own little holidays…some of which are celebrated several times a year!  We also make up our own words too.

  • National Dad Cooking Day – This is the day that my Daddy decides he is Betty Crocker.  The only problem is…his “dinners” usually consists of throwing any and all ingredients into one big pot!  These are the days we would rather go hungry!  LOL  Sorry Daddy!  I guess I should add in that the whole family runs when I attempt to make biscuits!  Sometimes they use them as rocks!  I’m serious…you can throw my biscuits against a wall and not a crumb will fall off!
  • Auburn vs. Georgia Day – This is the day when we all gather together to watch this specific college football game.  The entire family, except my Mom, Daddy, me, my brother and a couple more, roots for Georgia.  It is us 6 or 7 against the whole family!  We all become instant football coaches…screaming at the t.v. and yelling at the refs!  Pom-poms are even involved folks!
  • National Dance Till You Drop Day – My Mom loves to dance.  She taught me and my brother at an early age all the “oldie” dances!  LOL  We crank up music and pretty much dance and giggle all day long.  Yes, we are crazy…but we are a happy bunch!
  • Funny Argument Day – This one is mainly celebrated by my Mom and brother and happens several times a year.  My brother will start an argument with my Mom about everything!  They will even argue about chip bags…weight vs. volume.  WTH!  Haha
  • Opposite Day –   This is the day that my Daddy picks and chooses what is “opposite”.  He does this several times a month…obviously this is a popular one!  For example…Daddy will say, during his National Cooking Day, “The cook has to clean up the kitchen.”  Now, after dinner he announces that it is opposite day!  The next night when my Mom is cooking, she will remind my Daddy that the cook didn’t have to clean up the night before…here again, he announces “Opposite Day!”
  • National Mom Bad Hair Day – These are the days, yes I meant the plural form of day!, that my Mom does not touch a brush or comb.  She ends up looking like she stuck her finger in a light socket.  This is a permanent holiday now due to the fact that she has not touched a brush in about a year…Her hair is really short so she does that “spiky do thingy”.
  • Embarrass Mom Day – This is a frequent one too!  My brother and I pretend to have mental issues and speak impaired.  We also walk really funny…kinda like we got “skid-mark” issues!  We yell in stores that she needs to tie our shoes or help with our zipper cause we have explosive diarrhea!  Then we run around her holding our butts and yelling that we had a “woopsy”!
  • Embarrass The Kids Day – Mom reverses the role above and embarrasses the shit out of us!  She will just start laughing out loud…REALLY LOUD…and has even sat down in the middle of a store and continued laughing.  I swear, she looks like she needs a straight jacket and padded room on these days…LOL
  • National Pick On Family Member Day – Practical jokes rule on these days!  Greasing door handles, sardines in the vents, jello dumped in the back of their toilet…the list goes on and on.
  • Wambulance Day – My brother invented this one!  He will pick on someone, usually ME,  about anything and everything.  When I say something about it…to defend myself!…he does this…”Awww, call the wambulance.  Waa Waa Wambulance!”  So friggin’ annoying!


Here are some of our “made up” words…

  • duckies = money
  • mokey = remote control
  • drinky poo = alcoholic beverage
  • itchy = an itch  haha  “I have an itchy on my back.”
  • coo coo = popsicle

I have no idea why we use ’em and I’m pretty sure there are tons more…just can’t think of ’em right now.