Canada’s Crazy Killer

Ok, this Magnotta guy is freaky!   Luka Rocco Magnotta is a gay porn star from Canada.  He has been accused of making videos in the past that involved him killing kittens and then using them for some sort of sexual activity…WTF  And now, he has killed his boyfriend with an ice pick and cut him up in several pieces.  Oh and he made a video of that killing as well!  He then mailed the body parts to politicians and schools.  A manhunt was underway immediately and within a few days he was caught in Germany.  Someone recognized him at a cafe in Berlin.  Other than attempting to give a false name when he was caught, he said “ya got me”.  This guy is a real piece of work…damn.



Maryland man admits cannibalism

Well…it’s continuing folks!  This is the fourth weird case I have seen in the past three days!

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Alexander Kinyua has admitted to killing his housemate with a knife, cutting him up and eating his heart and part of his brain.  He put the other remains in a nearby dumpster.

There is another case about a Canadian man as well.  This guy has hacked up body parts and mailed them out to folks!  He even filmed himself doing this.  Police say he recorded a ten minute video and posted it online for all to see.  They say this man also has a YouTube video showing him killing kittens by drowning and asphyxiation and then using the carcasses in sexual acts.

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This is insane!  What in the hell are people thinking these days?