Ahh Army Life…

Well, my little family is complete once again!  My hubby was out-of-town for two weeks for a class and just got back in last night.  It’s nice to have things back to normal again.  Although I’m sure it will just be a matter of a few months or so before something else comes up and he has to leave again.  Ahh, Army life…

I know there are a lot of new Army wives out there that feel lost and worried.  You feel overwhelmed and wonder if your life will ever feel normal.  You look at other couples and wonder how they do it or you watch them fall apart.  You hear the gossip and the horror stories.  Perhaps you are facing your first deployment and the idea of him leaving is tearing you apart.  Maybe you are a few months into the deployment and each day feels longer than the last.  Whatever the case, I am here to help with any questions or concerns you have.  Remember you have tons of support on post and within your FRG (hopefully).

I won’t pretend to have all the answers and I won’t preach that my advice is the best.  What I can tell you is…don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t get bogged down with the things you can’t change.  If he is deploying, come to terms with the fact that he is going to deploy.  If he has already deployed, take it one day at a time.  I know that sounds impossible to do sometimes.  You can’t change those orders, so just accept ’em.  Take the time to talk with friends and family.  Keep your friends around ya.  Have a girl’s night or a girl’s spa day.  Get the kids together for playdates.

Don’t listen to the gossip and drama!  It’s pointless and just weighs you down.  It doesn’t matter what wife did what or which husband said this and that.  People are gonna talk and they are gonna talk to anyone who will listen.  I have met countless chicks who gossip like crazy and will make stuff up just because they are bored as hell.  Simply don’t talk to them….or about them.

Oh!  I forgot to talk about the holidays!  Look, your soldier is gonna miss holidays…the trick is in how you adjust to it.  I’ll give ya a few examples…

Halloween~~If he will be home anytime in the month of October, dress up!  If ya’ll have children, talk to a few friends and/or family about having a little trick or treating!  If that’s not an option, talk to people in your neighborhood.  We have done that before!  We trick or treated a couple of weeks before the actual holiday.

Christmas~~You can send his gifts to him and maybe get in a video chat.  You can have Christmas whenever he gets home.  This year we Christmas again in April!  He got home that first week of April and we did Christmas all over again.

Valentine’s Day~~This can be done the same as Christmas.  Send stuff if you can and then celebrate it when he gets back.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Make due with what you can.  Take lots of pictures and make scrap books!  You will be so glad you did!  You will never forget these experiences and will love to look back on the memories of doing Christmas in July!

Hope some of this helps!


Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory is known as the most famous and gruesome female serial killer in history.  She was accused of murdering more than 600 women and children.

Elizabeth Bathory came from a very distinguished family in Hungary.  She was married by the age of 15 to Count Nadasdy.  She was alone a great deal of their marriage and had no children.  She had a nurse, Ilona Joo, who was considered a black witch.  As time passed by she became more and more curious about the black arts.  After several years, she kept company with alchemists and witches.  She eventually had four children.  Her husband was killed when she was 41 years old and through the midst of her grief she began to devote all her time to the black arts.

As time went by Bathory began behaving even worse.  There were reports of lesbian orgies, torture, kidnapping young women and various sexual acts considered perverse.  Many people referred to her later on as the “Blood Countess”.  The fascination with blood began with a servant girl who served Bathory.  Feeling that she was disrespected, Bathory slapped the servant in the face.  The slap was so hard she drew blood.  She later noticed that her skin was more smooth and vibrant where the blood has landed on her hand.  She consulted Ilona Joo about the way the blood seemed to rejuvenate her skin and they came to the conclusion that virgin blood was needed.  Now comes the roller coaster ride…

Her little horror group began kidnapping and tricking young women and children into the castle.  Bathory had chains and such put up in the dungeons to keep them locked up tight.  Bathory tortured and bled them to death.  Rumors began to fly about the tortures these girls endured.  It is said they were hung upside down and bled to death, bitten, used in sexual acts and their bones were used in rituals.  After a few years she was unhappy with the results so she set up a type of boarding school for the noblewomen.  She felt that the blood of the upper-class would better suit her road to perfect beauty and immortality.

Within a short time frame the rumors reached the royal court.  The Prime Minister, her cousin, had no choice but to investigate the matter.  The castle was raided and taken by surprise.  Bathory was supposedly found in mid orgy with dozens and dozens of dead girls lying all around the castle.  Most were drained of blood and some were still shackled to walls bleeding out.  Bathory’s entourage was arrested and tortured until they confessed.  They were charged with the murders of the 80 victims actually found dead inside the castle walls.  Ilona Joo was burned at the stake and many of the others were beheaded within a short time.  Bathory was accused of murdering over 600 girls.  Due to her title, death was not handed out as her punishment.  She was bricked up in a small room at the top of the castle.  There were small holes for air and one for food to be passed through, but that was it.  They estimate her death as August 21, 1614.  Food trays from that date were not touched which led them to believe she had passed away the night before or that morning.

Michael Myers


Just a little countdown to Halloween…I’ll be picking some movies, characters and paranormal subjects throughout the month that interest me!  Hope you all enjoy!

And now for the first on the list…

Michael Myers

This guy scares the hell outta me!  I’m usually the one during or after a movie analyzing how the victims should have handled the killer’s stalking and such.  But with this guy, naw…  I can’t think of anything to do if he enters my house.  I would scream like an idiot and hope he just got annoyed with me or decided I wasn’t worth the effort!  LOL  He is so good at what he does.  He doesn’t need a fancy weapon…just a good ol’ kitchen knife will do.  He doesn’t need to scare you with dreams, knives for fingers, a chainsaw or Pandora’s Box!  This guy just walks into a room, gives you “that look”, and proceeds to stalk the shit outta you until he gets you with the knife.  Running never seems to help, shooting him doesn’t do any good and pleading for your life doesn’t work either.  He doesn’t speak or grunt or anything.  Myers is definitely one of the most scariest characters I’ve ever seen.

Now that I’ve expressed my ultimate fear of this guy I should tell you that my husband is a huge horror fan.  He has the small figurines, the pictures with autographs, the masks and lots and lots of other horror memorabilia.  But the one item he has that kinda takes the cake is the life-size Michael Myers in our friggin’ living room!  Yep, Myers lives in our house.  He is voice and motion activated.  Ugh!  Gotta love the fact that his knife moves, his head follows you around the room and even his eyes move as you walk by!  My husband loves to position him around the house so I get scared shitless from time to time when I walk in the door.  Welcome to my world!  Haha!