Miami Zombie Attack!

Yea, you read the heading correct!  A damn zombie attack…  My first thought….Oh hell, it’s really starting!

Here is the link for the article on CNN

This guy was seriously eating the other guy’s face off!  Don’t ask me why both men were naked…no clue on that one.  In the video, the witness says that the police were yelling for the “zombie” to stop but he just kept right on eating the other guy’s face.  The police officer fired and hit the zombie and he just kept right on eating!  No shit!  Just kept going and going.  The officer then had to fire a few more times to kill the zombie.  It doesn’t say whether or not he had to shoot him in the head, but I’m banking on it!

The police suspect he was using “bath salts”.  I’m not quite sure what that is, but surely it doesn’t cause zombie-like tendencies!  People in the area reported seeing this man walking around looking confused beforehand.  Ummm….zombies look like that all the time folks!  LOL

So, there you have it.  The zombie apocalypse is really starting!  Better refer back to my survival tips quick!

Florida mom shot her kids…

Here is the article from CNN

I was shocked when I read this story.  The first thought, as a mom, is…how could someone do this to their children?  I mean, taking one’s life is one thing…but taking the lives of your children?!?  I do not agree with suicide anyway, but harming your children is the lowest of the low.  The article states that she shot her kids at point-blank range…several times.  The ending was taking her own life.  Now, there are a few things that I question here…

First, this woman had to have had some sort of mental issue going on.  It could have been anger, depression, drugs, etc.  Regardless, I’m sure someone noticed an issue going on.  Why didn’t someone say something?  The article also states that friends and court documents show that the mother and son were having “difficulties”.  Difficulties???  If the courts were involved those “difficulties” were probably kinda serious!  So many times we have seen in the news that cases like this could have been avoided if someone would have stepped in.  The courts were already involved.  Why wasn’t something done or followed up on?  Stop putting these cases on the back burner and pay attention to the households with serious issues.

Second, the article states that three of the kids had gone to a neighbor’s house to say their mom had shot them!  It goes on to say that the mom called them back home and killed them…WTF!  So, these kids went next door bleeding…screaming their mom had shot them…she calls them back and is able to kill them???  I’m a little confused here.  Did the neighbor call the police?  Why did the neighbor allow these children to go back home?  Why would these kids go back home?

I don’t mean to sound harsh and I know I do not know the whole story…but there are so many holes here.  Nothing makes sense to me.  Four children are now dead.  It just seems like this horrible situation could have been avoided.

Here again, these are just my views and opinions.  I do not mean to step on toes or make anyone upset.  I just feel like too many times cases like this fall through the cracks and could be handled before such tragic outcomes happen.  Feel free to comment and leave your opinion on the matter.

Annoying people…what to say to them

So, I have always been told how sarcastic I am…  I tend to speak my mind and sometimes forget to edit before it comes out!  This tends to come in handy when annoying people refuse to take a polite hint and leave me alone.  Hahaha

Here are a few that might just work for ya!

~Can you hold this kleenex for me?  I have such a nasty cold.  (make sure it’s all crumpled up!)

~My butt really itches!  (say really loud and actually scratch your bum!)

~Last guy who ignored me is still on a respirator!

~I haven’t changed my underwear in two weeks!  I’m feeling lucky!

~The doctors say my 8th personality is the least dangerous.  You should be good sitting next to me.  (make sure to lean real close to him/her and whisper)

~Can you believe they only gave me 3 years for killing my own sister?

~Oh damn, I just shit myself…again!

~You ever heard of Charles Manson?  Yea, he’s my uncle.

~Ever wonder what chloroform smells like?

~I don’t mean to be so jumpy.  It’s just that I had to get out of that place…being in a padded room all day and night can really take a toll on ya.

Try these out and see how they work for ya!

Things NOT to say to a police officer…

Got a small list of phrases that I’m sure will get you in tons of trouble with a police officer if you get pulled over!  I’m sure if you catch a nice officer these would really be hilarious though!

Here goes…

~I thought you had to be in good shape to be a police officer.

~You’re not gonna check the trunk are you?

~I bet you I can grab that gun before you finish writing my ticket.

~Hold my beer while I look for my license.

~I am not drunk.  I am not slurring either.  I am simply speaking in cursive.

~No, do you know how fast I was driving?

~I’m not sunk, I’m dober.

~Here, take my donut and we’ll call it even.

~Are you sure you wanna put me in the back of your car?  I’ve got a bad case of explosive diarrhea!