Stuff I don’t understand…

Ok, so that title should read, “Shit that don’t make no sense to me”!  My husband laughs at my commentary while watching movies.  Yes, I am one of those that can’t seem to shut up during a movie!  There are a few movies that set off questions in my head…so, I figured I’d share!  haha

Titanic– At the end of the movie, Jack and the chick are in the freezing water.  He is doing the “man thing” and trying his best to get her out of the water so she doesn’t freeze to death.  Now, I cannot remember what he puts her on…a door, a dresser, a headboard….whatever.  What I do remember is that it was big enough to hold both of them!  He is a pretty small guy and she’s not huge…they both could’ve gotten on that thing!  They could have made that work and there was tons of other shit floating in that water he could have gotten on too ya’ll!

Horror movies in general – Why do the chicks always go runnin’ up the stairs when they could’ve just ran out the front door?  Come on now!  Upstairs…there are only so many places to hide and only one way down!  Sure, you can jump out of a window like an idiot but personally, I’d rather keep my legs in tact.  And shouting, “Who’s there?” is retarded.  Do ya think the bad guy is gonna just answer back like the Marco Polo game?  It never fails when the chick is running around outside either like a delirious moron.  She always trips and falls!  You have been running on them legs you got for several years…why do they not work now?  Normal people look where they are going!  Looking back only results in being hacked up in pieces, dummy!

Paranormal Activity – This movie, along with several others, was great!  I actually like all paranormal movies.  But in this particular movie, they had their fun shooting video of all the crazy shit.  Recording the movements at night, the footprints in the powder, the sounds, etc were all awesome.  But think about it…would you go through all this terror, be dumped by the scared psychic, not get help from the demonologist guy, and then just call it quits with getting help?  Research on the internet would only take ya so far.  Staying in the house only works for so long, obviously.  Hell, why not make a few more calls?  There are tons of people who would be more than glad to show up just to see for themselves.  Let them skeptics get a good dose!  haha  Or how bout run like hell!!!  Go learn some ghost banishing voodoo stuff!  But stayin’ in that house just filming your own death is retarded!

Michael Myers – This guy scares the shit outta me!  He is ruthless!  He never seems to get in a hurry, yet always catches the idiot running around screaming.  This is mainly due to those that trip and fall a lot!  He totes a knife and uses it to the extreme!  But it’s a knife people!  I know shooting him never seems to work…but how bout in the ol’ noggin’!!!  Use one of those rocket shooters or a tank.  Or maybe you could run him over with one of those steam roller thingys.  Or….what could he really do with no arms?…..hmmmmm

Jason Voorhees – I think that’s how you spell it…ha  Anyway, he’s very similar to Myers.  You gotta start using other methods to take this guy out!  Maybe you could just not go to that damn camp no more!  Set that whole place on fire!  Refrain from premarital sex…LOL  Hey, we all know he goes after those!

Strangers – I really, really liked this movie!  My husband would’ve taken care of that situation with a quickness!  But since I’m not Rambo, I don’t quite know how he would’ve done it.  I can only tell you what I would have done…haha  Yea, this is probably gonna go badly, but that’s why I would’ve just let my Rambo handle it!  For starters, if my husband would’ve left to head into town….ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS WOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED!  At the first sign of trouble I would have found whatever weapon was available and hid in a locked room with no doors or windows…if available.  Even in a room with one window, I’m pretty confident I would’ve handled the situation until he got back.  I’m pretty sure I would have found the gun and figured a way to get to the highest point…roof would be best.  Hell, from there the problem could be handled quick!  Anyway, my point is…these idiots were not too smart.  They just seemed to not think at all!

Basic – This movie….this movie caused massive brain leakage for me.  I think I’ve watched this movie 5-6 times and I still don’t know who the hell Dunbar is!  Everyone was someone else and I just stayed lost the entire time.  I still think Dunbar was ol’ donut boy but I’m told I’m way wrong.  I don’t even know who the bad guy is in this movie.  I thought it was Jackson and then thought it was Travolta and then the bad man in the office….now, not a damn clue.  Just writing this makes me want to watch it again to see if I have a revelation…haha




7 thoughts on “Stuff I don’t understand…

  1. lmwills1 says:

    Lol! I liked this post 🙂

      • lizfruitberry says:

        This is not regarding this post – but thank you so much for all of the referrals to my blog. Also if you get a chance please read my latest blog which is also crap I don’t understand. Like, why do men stare at women’s breasts that are extremely ugly? We women are funny. Some of the things we think about are hilarious! I have seen strangers and it scared the CRAP out of me!! The latest Paranormal activity I found to be MUCH BETTER than the previous. I saw it in the theatre and it SCARED THE CRAP out of me! Love your new posts on cyberbullying. My daughter is being bullied right now and it’s driving me nuts!!!! Also, I am starting a journal so my family doesn’t know on a new blog. The address is It is going to be a journey about wierd stuff that happens to me on a daily basis. FB has got to employ a ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying. Why don’t they? Can’t understand. It is causing serious problems for my daughter at school!

      • armyliving13 says:

        Thank you for reading! I will definitely check out your latest blog!
        I’m sorry to hear about the bullying at school your daughter is dealing with. I would definitely talk with the principal and if that fails go to the Board of Education. If they don’t wanna listen…go to the media! Taking it to a radio station will get some serious attention about the issue! I hope your daughter doesn’t have to deal with it much longer…let me know if I can do anything to help!

      • lizfruitberry says:

        My previous name was imisstheolddays, I have two blogs: LiveLoveLaugh and now lizfruitberry. 🙂 Just FYI so your not confused! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Going back to strangers, girl, if u LOCK yourself in a room, without a door or window, wtf? This only happens in the srupid movies too. That’s why they never survive. Are you planning on taking the time to build the room around yourself and just hope for the best…omg. D’oh. Think babe. I taught you better than that. And target practice was such an adventure too..

    • armyliving13 says:

      Can’t you just see me ducking in an empty room with no windows and one door? LOL Yea, right! I would become Rambo and take those masked folks head on! haha Target practice….yea, I have fond memories of that! Poor ol’ Daddy would just shake his head and giggle

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