Cyber-bullying needs to be stopped!

I recently did a post,, that deals with a particular Facebook page called Overly Sensitive Military Wives.  This page (along with its owner, admins and members) is a perfect example of cyber-bullying at its worst.  These people choose to take photos of women and children and bash them online for all to see.  They, of course, claim that most of these pictures are pulled off internet…that is a COMPLETE LIE!  These photos they post are even labeled with the particular military base they were taken at.  They each travel on post and visit the PX and Commissary to take pictures of people just to post and take turns making derogatory comments.  I am so sick of the idiots associated with this page saying I have missed the whole point of this page and try to say that they are only trying to point out bad parenting and the wearing of ACU’s.  Four words for ya….SHUT THE HELL UP!  Bad parenting is one thing but posting pictures of a woman and choosing to make remarks about her weight has nothing to do with being a good or bad parent.  Posting pictures of children, yes they do this even though they try to lie about it, and choosing to call them names is so pathetic.  This page has been reported numerous time and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done about it!  What is it gonna take for the authorities and admins of Facebook to realize the problem here???

Cyber bullying is a major issue.  There have been documented cases in recent years that address the seriousness of this problem.  Too many people have been targeted and resorted to suicide.  And to the idiots that participate in bullying on the OSMW page…don’t use the line “Stay off the damn page.” to anyone!  I’m sure there are lots of people who have received phone calls letting them know that their picture has been posted, of course without their permission, on this page and horrible remarks being made.  How bout you take down the damn page and stop being assholes?

How about a few examples of what happens when people like this are allowed to continue bullying anyone they choose???

A current case involving a girl making a malicious site, much like our little OSMW bashers, and targeting certain girls that she doesn’t like is facing a heavy fine and a possible one year jail sentence.

Megan Meirer was repeatedly bullied online by Lori Drew.  Now, Lori Drew is an “adult”…if you want to call her that… who pretended to be a boy around Megan’s age.  She then decided to make Megan’s life miserable by bashing her online and choosing to tell her that the world would be better off without her.  Megan, 13 years old, hung herself on October 17, 2006 as a result of the cyber bullying.

Tyler Clementi went through a terrible ordeal as well.  His roommate was posting his homosexual experiences on the Internet.  Clementi took action and complained to get this taken off-line and the situation handled…he was ignored.  Not long after, he jumped to his death.

Ryan Halligan spent the summer of 2003 being bullied online.  Hoping the new school year would hold great things, he began that school year with his head held high.  The vicious bullying continued until being teased and called names got so bad Ryan took his own life one afternoon.

It is such a shame that the authorities and social networking sites are very aware of these problems and the outcomes they can cause, yet choose to do nothing about them.  No one should have to live their life in the shadows worrying about being harassed on the computer.  People shouldn’t have to worry about having their picture taken or being picked on at a school, a store, a post office, in traffic, etc.

Everyone needs to rally together to stop this.  Sometimes it takes a huge group or several small groups all over to make a huge enough impact for the right amount of light to be projected on a particular problem.


14 thoughts on “Cyber-bullying needs to be stopped!

  1. Molly says:

    Let me know what I can do to help. That is pathetic that some people are so miserable with their own lives that they take it out on someone else….and to do it behind the safety of the internet is just chickenshit.

    • armyliving13 says:

      Thanks! I am looking into some options to get it stopped. I will keep everyone posted on what we can do.

      • lizfruitberry says:

        Hi, I know we have been discussing this topic for several weeks. Please check out all of the DISGUSTING things I found out about Facebook online. For example: How many men jerk off to pictures on Facebook. It’s disgusting!

  2. bullies have no lives says:

    The page is under investigation the members and admin (who goes by bob) are very upset. Boo effin hoo. they act like making a persons life miserable is their purpose for living and now dont know what to do with their time? LOL how about they go get a life of their own and leave others alone. I knew women could be caddy and mean but i have to admit im surprised a GROWN MAN could actually reach a new level of childishness. maybe he needs to get a women to occupy his time, then again who would want to be around someone like this for 24/7? I personally would be embarrased to be associated with anyone like this. it really is a question of maturity level….at some point we all have a switch in our heads that says “you know what thats just childish” or “i behaved rather immature” but unfortunately when u have a page that supports stupidity its like telling them “here is the keys go drive drunk and kill ppl its ok, ppl just dont understand us or get our point” I hope their children never experience bullying…its a heartbreaking thing to see your kids go through it amongst themselves,,,but know we have to worry about “adults” possibly bullying too? smh…I hope they put their ego and pride aside and take a good long look at themselves and really question their own judgements….although looking at their page I doubt they have anything as simple as even commonsence to see that. its sad really. noone should be allowed to be that stupid.

    • armyliving13 says:

      Very well put! Thanks for reading! I hope people like that start having to pay for the way they treat others. This bullying shit has to stop!

    • Seriously? says:

      If an ADULT can not handle what another ADULT says about them, that is really sad. As an adult you can make a choice to ignore what others say about them. A child may not be able to and should not have to. An ADULT has no excuse to subject themselves to anything they feel is “bullying.” I use that word lightly because I do know what childhood bullying is. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Everyone throws the bullying term around too much when they really have no idea until you have been through it. As an adult when we see something we do not like, we throw the bullying card out there. A child can not escape it, it is in their face when they are at school, through text messages, phone calls, and on social networking sites. The only safety they have is in their homes. As an adult, someone says something bad about you, you can log off. A child does not have that option. So it definitely is not the same.

  3. lynne says:

    No one on OSMW has ever dissed a child at least not since I have been apart of the page. There have been people who have tried to post pics of kids but the admins are very prompt about getting it deleted ASAP. It is a known rule of the page never to post pics of kids. Just so you know. Also a lot of the pics that do get posted are random things found on the net. The page is really no different than People of Walmart .com. These pages are public which means anyone can post what they think and some people take it to far because they are online. If what is posted on OSMW is breaking the rules of posting by Facebook or their own page rules they delete it.

    • armyliving13 says:

      They have “dissed” children and pictures of children have been posted on that page. Rules…rules don’t apply to that page, obviously. The pictures of adults are not all random pictures from the internet either. Most of you even include the military post at which they were taken. Look, the bottom line here is…opinions are one thing. As a matter of fact, as I have stated before, opinions are like assholes; everyone has one. I have no issues with opinions. People should be able to express their opinions. But to post pictures and bully individuals for the whole world to see is something completely different. You all have stupid names you call military spouses and their children…and that’s fine. Feel free to type your little hearts out and use those names. Posting pictures of people and bashing them personally is wrong though.

  4. Katie says:

    OMG I didn’t know people committed suicide because of posts on OSMW….oh wait you showed examples of children who were attacked online on their personal pages. As you stated people messaged them, made fake accounts just to harass the on that individuals pages. OSMW talks about things that bother the non sterotypical military wife/fiance/gf. I always felt left out because I wasn’t a gossipy, brag bag toting, rank wearing mil wife. When girls asked me if I wanted a brag bag and said no, rumors then spread about how I didn’t support my husband being in the military, I was only in it for the money(he is an E3 def not here for the money). My husband stopped getting invited to parties cause the wives didn’t like me. Mind you all this is over turning down a brag bag. Then a coworker told me about OSMW and I found women who can relate to me. I guess I’m just a sucess story haha. Pictures are posted of people a lot are from the internet cause I’ve seen them on non mil facebook posts. We don’t sit at home and find a wife and email her repeatedly harassing her. Ohhh and there is one pic of a child on the page. Its a 7yr old boy in mock dress blues saluting his fathers coffin, and not one bad comment is said about the child.

    • armyliving13 says:

      Never said the page made people commit suicide. You are a moron for even thinking that and jumping to that conclusion. Learn to read and digest what you read. Do not just read and interpret it the way that suits you. I personally do not care for your lil background story and there were several other pics than the small child in blues.

  5. lynne says:

    No one was bashing the child in the blues. “Some” people were debating whether or not it was appropriate for the child to be wearing the blues. The admin posted the picture thinking it was a wonderful way for the child to show love and honor to his fallen father…… Just because there are a few bad apples in the bunch do not judge whole 12,000 member base on those few bad apples.

  6. Katie says:

    AHHHH…you just Cyberbullied me!!!! Im telling!
    “This page (along with its owner, admins and members) is a perfect example of cyber-bullying at its worst.”…”Cyber bullying is a major issue. There have been documented cases in recent years that address the seriousness of this problem. Too many people have been targeted and resorted to suicide.” YOU made it seem like OSMW will eventually lead to someone commiting suicide. I was making a sarcastic remark back because it isn’t that realistic. I didn’t have to jump to a conclusion, when you threw out the idea. Then you gave examples of Cyber Bullying that is totally unrelated to how OSMW is run. YOU gave examples of CHILDREN being bullied on a personal level. Being attacked on their personal pages. Being called names at school. People went out of their way to make fake accounts and attack them that way as well. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN ON OSMW. We dont go on peoples pages and attack them. They dont leave peoples names so we can go attack them, as you describe. Yes there is the occasional bad apple as with any group, but they do have 13,703 followers so it happens.
    Ohhh and I’m sorry my personal example of being bullied by Military wives wasn’t up to your standards but frankly I don’t care. It happen and you are probably just upset that my REAL story goes against the LIES you are spewing about OSMW. The site isn’t going anywhere, neither is The Dirty, or People of Walmart.

    • armyliving13 says:

      Grow up! Lies are not being spread about the OSMW site. Picking and choosing what you want to hear and/or read is part of the problem here. More than half of the things you and others are replying about make no sense. I never said that the site causes suicide. I said that cyber bullying does and firmly believe that OSMW does participate in some cyber bullying. I was bringing the cyber bullying issue into the light. I never said “the child in blues” pic was bashed either.

      In the end we all choose how we treat others. If taking and posting pictures of women and/or typing really harsh comments is the way you choose to be…I think you should hold some responsibility for the end result. If you don’t do these things then don’t get all defensive.

  7. lizfruitberry says:

    Recently learned that criminals are using Facebook for Human trafficking, and drug trafficking and other disgusting things! Down with FB!
    Oh and just for an update, I cannot find a job because someone probably put a horrible post about me on Facebook. Started a job and after one day they let me go. No explanation. All I can think of is the women in my neighborhood probably dissing me on FB! It sucks! How can people just ruin other’s lives, and get away with this? It’s crazy!

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