A Few Facts About Men…

Men are complex creatures!  LOL  Naw, men are more comical than we give them credit for though.  Their way of thinking is actually pretty simple and to the point.  And they are big kids!  A video game and a trip to Toys-R-Us will prove this!  Here’s a few little tid bits about men…

Men like to grill out.  Cooking on the grill is considered manly and also dangerous.  Playing with fire is a necessity for them.

Buying your husband a camera or video recorder will trigger his creative side!  Be prepared!!!  Lock the doors when you go to the bathroom ladies!  That rock show in the shower or quick trip to the potty will come back to haunt you!  LOL


Men know all about sports.  They get damn serious and become instant coaches!  They prefer that you only speak during commercials…since they need to concentrate!  Haha  They will yell and coach from the couch too.  There are ways to bribe them ladies!  That new piece of lingerie you’ve been dying to try on…yep, try that thing on and walk right in front of the T.V. and keep going!  Sports game on t.v.???  What game?  LOL


Hearing the words, “We need to talk.”, can cause multiple bad reactions to men.  They can fall into a coma quickly, immediately develop amnesia or  run out of the house!  Hell, come to think of it, that phrase could cause skid marks!

Men are sensitive too, ladies.  If he builds a campfire and one log doesn’t burn…he will take this shit seriously!  His feelings will be hurt and his ego damaged!  And somehow their campfires end up getting bigger and bigger!  His sensitivity involves other things as well….fishing, sports, grilling, building/putting together anything, etc.


Men, no matter how old, will always get a kick out of pretending to be superheroes.  Don’t believe me???  Give him a red cape and see what happens!


Men cannot read minds!  Hell, they won’t even attempt to guess!  If they ask what’s wrong and you say nothing…they will just accept that answer and move on.  LOL  They may opt for the “confused” look to keep themselves out of trouble too!

Men consider crying to be blackmail!  LOL  As they say…a woman is never wrong but when she is, she cries and is somehow right again!



4 thoughts on “A Few Facts About Men…

  1. Read this post to my husband he thought it was spot on and hilarious! Why do men have that OCD about campfires? Never thought about that before your blog. They always want to “fix” everything too, instead of just listen. Oh well, nothing is hotter than a man all sweaty with a tool fixing something, right? ha ha I would rather watch my husband fix something than talk anyday! 🙂

    • armyliving13 says:

      LOL Glad ya’ll liked it! That campfire thing blows my mind too! Completely agree about a man sweaty and fixing something 🙂 I love watching my husband fix stuff! Thanks for reading!

  2. Men are very complex. My husband always gives me the “look” when I want to talk. I have found there are 4 things men like:
    1. Food
    2. Sex
    3. Sports
    4. TV
    My husband recently decided to purchase a bow. However, he has not gotten a deer to this day. I don’t think he would even hurt a single animal. He is so sweet to our dog and cat. He goes squirrel hunting and deer hunting and our garage looks like BASS PRO SHOP. However, he has never come home with any dead animals.

    Think he just feels cool tromping around in the woods in camo on, and holding a gun and his bow! It is hilarious, but an expensive hobby! He is like a “pretend” hunter. I really don’t understand this obsession with purchasing hunting gear. Oh well, they are mysterious creatures. He does look hot in the camo though! 🙂 Your blogs are very interesting to me because I am so proud of the military and our country. Keep blogging 🙂

    • armyliving13 says:

      LOL Yea, some of the things our husbands do are so comical! They get so serious about some things. You are definitely right about the 4 things too! Food is one of those things that all men are the same about. As long as meat and potatoes are on the plate my husband is good! No changes, no fancy stuff…haha Thank you for reading!

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