Drama among Military Wives…

I’m sure this is gonna cause tons of mixed emotions…but, whatever!  Opinions are like assholes…everybody has one!

I was made aware of a page on Facebook a while back called “Overly Sensitive Military Wives”.  Now, I looked at this page and read what they were about…basically, they claim that they are trying to break the stereotype of military wives.  So, I’m thinking…ok, a page that is gonna focus more on the positive than the negative.  Maybe this page will work hard to show others that the petty and whiney folks aren’t all there is.  DAMN, WAS I WRONG!

This page is so SHITTY!  They take photos of military spouses on posts and publish them to their page and then proceed to say really cruel things.  They will pick on the woman’s clothes, hair, make-up or lack of it, her weight, her child(ren), etc.  This has turned into a cyber bullying issue.  They claim these women in the pictures are petty, overly sensitive and whiney…but they, themselves, are all those things!  The page owner and her little crones (yea I just called them a mean name!) are a bunch of hypocrites!  It’s a huge contradiction calling these spouses petty and whiney when that’s all this page is about!  And why do they care so much about what others are wearing or how their hair is styled?  Basically these dumbass women tote around cameras and phones to take pictures of others due to the fact that they have NO LIFE!  It’s really sad that they have to take photos of others and be so mean just to make themselves feel better.

If you don’t like sweat pants or Twinkies then talk about those two items in particular.  Make up funny things about them.  You don’t have to choose random women to pick on.  Taking their pictures and posting them without their consent may be a legal issue as well.

The woman who runs this page is headed for major trouble!  Bullying people can cause very bad outcomes.  Depression, suicide, low self-esteem and many others are real issues.  Why would these women do this to others?  Overly sensitive….LOL  These women are obviously so damn sensitive it has caused brain leakage!  The immaturity level of this group is so low…  And how would these women feel if their friends or children were going through this?  How would they feel if someone was taking pictures and bullying their friend or child?

I’m not asking or telling anyone not to be a member of this page…just expressing my opinion!  Surely the members of that page can relate to OPINIONS…haha

Bottom line:  Bullying is a serious issue.  It causes pain.  It causes lives to change drastically.  Bullying has caused so many fatal endings within the last few years, especially over the internet.  Do not bully others just because you can, are bored or want to make yourself feel better.  Bullying is WRONG!

http://awomeninherthirties.com/2012/03/27/have-you-been-bullied-on-a-social-network/   Please take a moment to click this link!  We call all work together to stop bullying!


46 thoughts on “Drama among Military Wives…

  1. Molly says:

    Not sure what “stereotype” she was hoping to break with that posting? “Overly Senstive Military Wives” page owner needs some help. She is obviously so miserable in her own life that she feels like she has to make fun of other people. Pretty pathetic. I worry about her kids, though. What kind of a role model is that for kids?

  2. I think you missed the point of that page entirely. They’re putting a spotlight on incredibly inappropriate behavior like wearing your husband’s uniform or screaming at your children in public or smoking while pregnant. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to think twice about being like that in public if I come across it on a web site. Do certain people on there go too far and start getting extremely personal? Of course. That doesn’t negate the entire point of the page altogether though, not by a long shot.

    • armyliving13 says:

      If the “point of the page” was to point out inappropriate behavior and bad parenting then the page owner and admins would NOT go as far as they do and be so cruel in a very personal manner. Addressing the issues of parenting or wearing ACU’s does not include taking and posting pictures of women and bashing them for their weight, their clothing (not the ACU pics), their hairstyle, their make-up, the foods they eat, etc. The list goes on and on. The entire page is like this. There is no excuse for them to treat others this way.

    • Has anyone noticed how everything we do is now on the web? What happened to privacy? Great read! 🙂 Thanks for the link to my site about the “RECTUM” social network!

  3. afwife says:

    To sit there and say that its about inappropriate behavior is sad. What is ok for you might not be ok for me. Being overweight might not be because someone sits and eats twinkies they could have a thyroid issue among many others. Giving someone crap for being pregers and smoking is that persons problem not the whole worlds. And not everything on there is true and not everything on there is about bad behavior. I wish the whole page could be taken down and I hope that a federal law goes into play that would shut down bullying of both children and adults online! I am proud that my husband is in the military I am also a military brat and will always show my pride in wearing shirts that state it, and such. Another thing I don’t agree with with the page is many military spouses are stay at home not because they are lazy, need to eat a twinkie, or many other things this site has claimed. Many times it is a mutual agreement between husband and wife. The whole they don’t have enough money yeah many times they don’t have enough money. However it’s their choice and if they want to complain about it on their facebook page they are intrusting that your a friend that won’t go running the moment that they just need to vent.

    • armyliving13 says:

      Thanks for reading! Your comment was very well put! I would love to see this page taken down as well. A federal law stopping this cyber bullying would be awesome! Not one of those people on that page stops to consider the feelings of others.

  4. It isn't bullying says:

    If it is a big deal stay off the damn page. Most of the pictures the woman get are online where people have posted them so it is public. If you read more onto the page a lot of them also make fun of themselves. Get your panties out of a bunch.

    • armyliving13 says:

      For starters…are you overly sensitive about my opinion??? LOL I do stay off the page. As I stated, I visited the page when I was told about it. Most of those pictures posted on that site not only have the cruel comments but the military post and exact location of where they were taken. My panties in a bunch??? LMAO I go commando honey! Don’t be so whiny and overly sensitive just because I don’t agree with the way you treat others.

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  6. marilyn says:

    for anyone to justify such high school behavior just shines light on the type of ppl they are. Judgemental self rightous human beings. why else would anyone take time out of their day to ride around and take pictures of ppl they dont even know. to then go back and post it on a page, to then make a comment and reply to responces of like childish minds? to make themselves feel better. how is poking fun at other ppl productive? how about instead of driving around taking pictures of ppl they go and get a job or do some volunteer work where they can put all that energy helping others instead of just sitting behind a desk cowardly snickering and belittling ppl behind their backs. at least grow the balls to say it to their faces.

    • armyliving13 says:

      I agree with you completely! Choosing to waste their day by seeking out other people to judge is pitiful. Actively participating in ruining someone’s self-esteem just shows a huge ego problem. Bringing others down will not put them “on top”…you would think these “adults” would have learned this lesson by now. And it is a shame that NOTHING is done to these people legally. Taking down this page and any others that focus on bullying would at least be a great start!

    • littlegto says:

      umm, aren’t you being judgemental and self-righteous?

  7. afwife says:

    People are saying it isn’t bullying one lady that had her picture on her private fb page and then the comment to the pucture said things like she doesn’t even know if the kids are her husbands, she never cleans, she is a whore, and all sorts of other things. I honestly think that that post was made to hurt her. In the comments people said someone should call cps. They not only posted a picture of this girl but also posted the base she was at. How is that not bullying?

  8. Tiffany says:

    Its a real disgrace that someone specially military wives (not all) would come up with such athing. Instead of them posting pictures to pick on other woman how about we inform them to correct it or post positive feedback. This is how our world today is being viewed as “bullying” and its real sad. Im sure these woman wouldnt like it if the tables were turned!!! This struck a nerve with me because I see so many people taking their lives for such nonsense that others say. If people would step back and mine their own business, it can be elimated.

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  10. galantes says:

    The owner of the page is actually in the military. She is a soldier

  11. carol says:

    Thank you for feeding the stereotype while being overly sensitive about the page.

    • armyliving13 says:

      And thank you for being overly sensitive about my opinion of the way you treat others.

      • carol says:

        The way I treat others? You have no clue who I am or if I’m a fan of the page or not, but good job at being judgemental.

      • armyliving13 says:

        Yes, the way you treat others. Look, you and the others who are obviously heated over the post are members if not admins of the page. Judgement…you placed judgement on me with your first comment. You assume that I am among this stereotype that many of you refer to. You see, all of ya’ll think it’s perfectly fine to be rude and talk about other people, but when the tables turn you all get real upset. Why is that? You dish out all this negativity on other people and then can’t stand it when stands up about it.

      • Rena says:

        Your comment about the people who are upset about it, and how they *must* be members, if not admins….well, you know what they say about assuming something right?

        I *am* a fan, however I think that you are just as immature in the way you went about your critique of the page. I, also, think you missed the point. I think that some of the posts push my boundaries as far as what’s too mean, but for the most part I agree 100%. I’m sick of women who take advantage of their situation and make excuses for being sloppy, lazy, and neglecting various aspects of being a mother (if they have children), all while disrespecting their husband as a man and a military member. If those things don’t apply to you, why so sensitive?

      • armyliving13 says:

        I didn’t miss the point at all. My comment pertaining to the admins and/or members was directed towards someone else and did not have anything to do with you. But of course you would jump to being so judgemental. I’m not sensitive. I just don’t agree with the way the site bashes people.

  12. Seriously? says:

    Here we go..again. I did not participate much on the OSMW page but I would read it daily. For one, I agree with most of what is said on their page. Military Wives expect some sort of recognition for being a wife and when someone calls it what it is, the people who have a problem are the ones that are guilty of the behaviors that are brought up. If you do not wear your husband’s rank, you do not spend all of his money on pointless items (and then cry you are broke), if you take care of yourself, your children, and your home while staying committed to your husband, you have no reason to get butt hurt from their page at all. Just because we are wives to men who happen to be in the military does not mean we are privelaged. It also does not make us exempt from bringing our faults to the attention of each other or anyone else who happens to stumble onto the page. If you want recognition for being a wife to someone who happens to be in the military then go to the sites that support that.

    On a side note, the owner is a soldier and she should know first hand how other service members (including our husbands) view us. We are the joke to the active duty service members. Just because they are not saying it online does not mean they are not saying in the work place or anywhere else in public. Public site or public place, there really is no difference.

    • armyliving13 says:

      I understand what you are saying…I’m sure there are many women who attempt to wear rank and/or feel they are entitled to certain special treatment. I do not agree with people acting that way…as I have said in another post of mine. I agree that military wives should not act as though they should get privelages. My issue with that page is not their opinions. My issue is taking pictures of specific people and posting them. I do not agree with posting pictures of women and then bashing the hell out of them for the whole world to see. I’m sure that really hurts those people. None of us would want that to happen to anyone in our family or any of our friends…so why do it to others?

  13. carol says:

    Like I said. You don’t know me, therefore you have no knowledge of how I treat others. Judgement at it’s best. I did not judge you, I simply made an observation based on all the bitching that went on in your post. Now you, on the other hand, are accusing me of treating others poorly. Which I don’t. So you’re saying that anybody who has a different opinion other than yours “are members if not admins of the page”??That’s a pretty broad statement to be made.

    • armyliving13 says:

      LOL…call it what you want. You did judge me. And no, I welcome all opinions. No one has to agree with me. I simply posted that I do not agree with the way that page operates. Some agreed with me, some did not agree with me.

  14. carol says:

    I didn’t call you an OSMW, i simply said you were feeding the stereotype. Difference. So, I have a question for you…Do you think that peopleofwalmart.com should be taken down also?

    • armyliving13 says:

      I was actually made aware of that website last night! I visited that site late last night and looked at the first 4 pages. I think that page should be taken down as well. My opinion on that page…if they want to type out their opinions about customers at walmart…fine. Posting the pics of actual customers though is wrong. I’m sure those people, when made aware of the fact that their pic is there, are totally embarrassed and feel really low about the things people type right up under their pic.

  15. Seriously? says:

    Nice my comment disappeared. One sided opinions are fine with you right?

  16. you feel guilty! says:

    If someone is eats too many twinkies or sits around at home spending there hubbies money…Why is that any of anyones buissnes? How does this effect YOUR life? its a simple answer…You have a miserable life apparently and you have to look down on others and SPECULATE who they are. These ppl dont know them from a hole in a wall yet they assume they know their life. Yes they do put pictures of ppl they dont even know and call them and their kids “dependatots” and “dependamoms” an “adult” posting pic of kids and calling them “dependatots” and bashing their parent in the world wide web is disgusting behavior. for these ppl to defend their actions just shows THEY feel guilty. let me do my own speculation …these women in the page are a bunch of ppl in HEAT who are sexually deprived and have nothing else to do but pick on children. just go rub one of and take your frustration off on your cooch. GROW UP

  17. carol says:

    Actually I’m not sexually deprived thank you. And your language offends me. Maybe you’re comment should be taken down for that matter….oh that would be a freedom of speech violation wouldn’t it? Don’t wanna do that…..

  18. hypocrite says:

    awwww was my speculation offensive?? lol guess its only ok when ppl speculate on others and not you huh? hypocrite much? lol

  19. M says:

    This Girl right here looks like she likes to shove more than twinkies in her mouth. and from the comments its seems likes shes a deep throat pro….must be all the practice she had with the boys at the brigade 😉 LOL https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=296254613728051&set=a.262073577146155.63836.261976560489190&type=3&theater

  20. lizfruitberry says:

    My child still having fb issues. Ready to bash the laptop to prices. Fb – you suck!

    • lizfruitberry says:

      Peices I mean.

      • lizfruitberry says:

        Suggestion: if no one looks at fb, no one would be offended. Correct? A person is only offended if they see the post. My position is why can’t fb employ a zero tolerance for bullying?People are commiting suicide due to defamation of character! It is causing people to get fired. The above comments regarding the twinkles I do not understand. However, I don’t get the fb thing anyway. That’s why love WordPress.com! What is it like to live on a base? Love to read about it! 😄

    • armyliving13 says:

      Girl, I am so sorry to hear this. Maybe, while we figure out how to get Facebook to agree to zero tolerance, you might want to make her a new page and block all the ones causing issues. I really wish this problem could be fixed quicker.
      And for those who wanna say she should just get off Facebook…no one should have to give up their social networking page just because other people bully and act immature.

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