Discovery Channel cans Bear Grylls

I am in total shock!  Supposedly, there are two unannounced projects that Bear Grylls has been unable to do.  Due to this, the Discovery Channel has let him go and cancelled his show.  Now, I don’t know all the inside details but I cannot believe they would let him go!  Bear Grylls kicks ass!  Not only have I watched his show, but I have read up on him…and I have to tell ya….this guy really seems to be passionate about his work.  Mr. Grylls, based on his actions and words, really cares about educating people and making sure everyone is aware of his/her surroundings when in times of need.  This guy goes to great lengths to put himself in harm’s way to educate others on surviving in any situation!  To let him go is just crazy!  I honestly hope Mr. Grylls continues his work and I will be looking for another show from him!

This is the link that has the story…

I really appreciate this man’s work and dedication…I just hope he continues doing it!


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