In the news…child left at Chuck E. Cheese

I just saw a news story about a 5-year-old little girl who was left behind by her mother at a Chuck E. Cheese.  According to the news story this happened last Thursday and it was actually a birthday celebration for this little girl.  The mother, who is an absolute moron in my opinion, has nine other children and DID NOT REALIZE that she had LEFT HER CHILD UNTIL THE FOLLOWING MORNING!!!  What the hell, lady???

For starters, Chuck E. Cheese is an establishment FOR KIDS!  Our children are the reason we go here!  It is loud and packed with tons of kids hyped up on coca-cola and pizza.  Kids are running around like crazy.  This place requires some Excedrin people!  And don’t blame the establishment folks.  Chuck E. Cheese stamps the hands of parents and children for safety.  This is to prevent anyone leaving with your child.  But to leave her child behind….come on now!  How can you forget your child?  It was HER birthday and the reason you were there in the first place!

The news stated that this mother has nine other children…I’m sorry, but you don’t need 10 kids if you tend to forget them.  I’m not sure how she failed to notice this little girl was missing until the next morning.  What did she do with the other nine?  I’m assuming she tended to them when it came to a nightly routine….baths, brushing teeth, pajamas, tucked into bed, etc.  If you have ten kids…you gotta do a headcount!  Count those kids off like you would the seven dwarfs!  And have another adult that can help you out too, if needed.

Anyway, I think this whole ordeal is crazy.  I honestly hope there are some sort of consequences for this woman.  And I hope this little girl is ok and not too traumatized.  I can’t imagine what she went through that night.


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