more Phobias…LOL

Ok…I just had to add these to the list!  My Daddy emailed me a few more phobias that deserve some credit!

1. Obamaphobia- fear of Obama being elected again.  LMAO

2. Yougottobekiddingmephobia- the fear of the land mines(crap) the dogs leave between the front door and my truck!  Ain’t nothing worse than headin’ to the truck in the morning, getting in, cuttin’ on the heater and gettin’ a whiff of dog doodoo!  HAHA

3.Damnwhatsthatsmellandwhathaveyoubeeneatingphobia- the fear of going into the bathroom right after my Daddy!  Sometimes a gas mask is necessary and sometimes it’s just best to handle your business in the yard!

4. Sleepnumberphobia- fear of waking up.  You see, my Uncle J has what we call deadbeatitis.  It’s a pretty severe case and sometimes he just can’t handle the thought and pressure of waking up from his slumber!

5. Tellmeitsnotsophobia- fear that the Sandman is not real.  I believe this would just crush my Uncle!  He depends on the Sandman 24/7!

6. Gibbsphobia- the fear of missing an episode of NCIS.  Yea, this one is for my Mom.  She will hang up on you in a heartbeat if Gibbs is on t.v..

7. Damndidyouseethatphobia- fear of riding her bicycle.  Sorry Grandma N!  Blame Daddy…he did it!  he did it!

8. Bongrattlerattlephobia- fear of hitting her head AGAIN!  My Aunt M seems to have a few issues with hitting her head on things.  Sometimes shit just seems to fall out of the sky and land on her head!

9. DNAphobia- fear of one’s family tree.  LOL  Well…..what can I say?  My family is so darn special!  haha  My daughter is going to have so much fun telling her friends about us!

10. Yumyumeatemupphobia- the fear of running out of boloney!  My brother K suffers terribly from this disorder!  Poor guy just loses his marbles over boloney.  He gets all hysterical and we have to put him in one of those “arm friendly jackets”!  LOL


Well, there you have it!  Just a few of the not-so-common phobias that plague my family!  haha   Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “more Phobias…LOL

  1. Mom says:

    Omg girl. U just pretty much nailed the crew. Awesome. Can’t wait for reviews here. Lmao

    • armyliving13 says:

      Hahaha…Yes, our family is one of a kind! I hope everyone enjoys this post and big thanks to Dad (the closet comedian) for helping with this one! I just posted some of those awesome facts you gave me too! Thanks a bunch!

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