Ok yaw I was bored as hell this evening and came across some phobias that cracked me up!  Some of these don’t make any sense to me and some are just plain retarded.  I’m not gonna attempt to act politically correct…so I do apologize if my opinions offend anyone.  Some of these are funny as hell and some of them I can relate to…damn worms!  haha

1. Ablutophobia- fear of washing or bathing.  LOL  Come on now!  All that comes to mind is…                     Image Detail

2. Allodoxaphobia- fear of opinions.  Well, I’ll be damn!  Now I know what’s wrong with half the population!

3. Ambulophobia- fear of walking.  aka: lazy ass    This is one of those phobias that is not a phobia but just a sloppy excuse for laziness. Or, maybe these people fear walking but not running and they have to run everywhere they go…hmmm

4. Arachibutyrophobia- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.  ummm….DON’T EAT IT THEN!

5. Ballistophobia- fear of bullets.  I think everyone fears bullets!  Them thangs hurt!  Well, that Matrix man don’t fear bullets.  He just holds up his hand and says “STOP!”

6. Climacophobia- fear of stairs or falling down stairs.  HAHA  Ok, I don’t have this fear but I do tend to “miss a step” quite often! Image Detail

7. Coulrophobia- fear of clowns.  Yea, who doesn’t fear good ol’ Pennywise!?!Image Detail

8. Dementophobia- fear of insanity.  Most people don’t fear insanity…most enjoy it!

9. Ecclesiophobia- fear of church.  HAHA  Yea, the ones with this one are ironically the ones who fear hell as well!

10. Epistemophobia- fear of knowledge.  Hmmmm…I know quite of few of these!  I guess putting their pictures under this might get me in some trouble though!                                                                                                                                    Image Detail

11. Gamophobia- fear of marriage.  LOL  See, ladies, there are so many of them out there that they had to make up a word for it!     Image Detail

12. Geniophobia- fear of chins.  LOL…damn!  Only one image comes to mind!                                                                                                                            Image Detail

13. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- fear of the #666.  And putting the word “hex” in that ridiculous word three times was sooo necessary!  

14. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- fear of long words.  And who in the hell can pronounce this one???  I’ve been trying for a few minutes and I’m still laughing.

15. Hypnophobia- fear of sleep.  We all know who caused the creation of this term!                                          

16. Mageirocophobia- fear of cooking.  Woohoo!  Ladies, we got one to use!!!                                                                                                               

17. Myrmecophobia- fear of ants.  Ugh!!!  Ants suck…they will eat you alive!  Sorry, but I can’t look at pictures of ants or I start itching all over!

18. Omphalophobia- fear of belly buttons.  LOL  What the hell?!?  Is it a fear of the innies or the outies or both?  Now, being jugged in the belly button is horrible!

19. Paraskavedekatriaphobia- fear of Friday 13th                                                                                                   

20. Pentheraphobia- fear of mother-in-law.  LMAO….Sorry, but I just had to add this one in here!  You know I love ya ma-in-law!  I wonder how they came up with this one.  I can just see some man or woman lying on the shrink’s couch sobbing and being all hysterical!  haha

21. Phasmophobia- fear of ghosts.  This is referring to the skeptics.  They claim they don’t believe but are the first to run screaming!   

22. Phronemophobia- fear of thinking.  LOL  Here again, I wish I could put pictures of some specific people!

23. Pupaphobia- fear of puppets.                                                                                              

24. Samhainophobia- fear of Halloween.  I don’t care what they say….anyone who fears Halloween actually only fears Michael Myers!

25. Scoleciphobia- fear of worms.  Sorry yaw!  I can’t do worms or ants.  Worms are gross lil wiggly thingys and they squirt snot stuff.  ugh!

26. Selachophobia- fear of sharks.  People should fear sharks.  They will eat your legs off!  See? haha                  

27. Syngenesophobia- fear of relatives.  LOL  Awesome excuse to use to get out of family reunions!!!

28. Urophobia- fear of urinating.  WTH?!?  What do these people do when they have to pee???  Do they freak out, scream and jump up and down?  LOL

29. Wiccaphobia- fear of witches.  No comment…ha!                                                                                             

Thanks for reading!  Yaw have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Phobias…

  1. Mom says:

    This is the very best by far. We have too,Amy in this crazy too. Uh oh. I’m wondering if that’s a bad thing or a good thing??

  2. Bad Music says:

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