The Tom Cruise sock slide…

Ok, just had to share my most recent tale of embarrassment!  A few weeks back I get into my husband’s truck and scroll down to “shuffle” on the iPod.  Just before I hit the button, I say out loud, “Make this a good one!  Give me a song that will make my day!”  Well….with the volume up and a smile on my face the song “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen begins!  What the hell???  LOL  Needless to say the smile instantly disappears and I’m just staring at the iPod like it sprouted wings.  Soon I can’t help but laugh and decide its just gonna be one of those days.  Now I told you that story to tell you what happened to me last night.  Ha!

I get into the shower and wash my hair.  Conditioner is in my hair and I’m thinking, “I need some music!”  Can you guess what damn song begins blaring at me???  Yep, good ol’ Fat Bottom Girls!  Seriously?  I mean, I know my butt is huge but I don’t need the constant reminder!  Haha  Instantly I laugh out loud and decide it’s time to sing and dance!  Getting the conditioner out of my hair I decide I’m gonna put on a rock show!  I am singing to the top of my lungs and attempt that “Tom Cruise sock slide” from the movie Risky Business….you know the one!  If you need your memory jogged a lil you can YouTube it!   Yes, I tried this in the shower…..right after washing CONDITIONER out of my hair.  Holy crap ya’ll!  Bottom of the tub is slick with all that conditioner.  I slid all right…straight into the wall and then over the side.  Legs and arms going everywhere, I’m laughing, face is kinda lodged into the shower curtain….damn.  It was like that feeling you get when you miss a step on a set of stairs!  I thought my life had ended!  I’m half in and half out of the shower and laughing so hard I can’t breathe.  It was pitiful!

Anyway, I have recuperated and am alive and well.  Hope ya’ll got a good giggle out of my lovely evening!


5 thoughts on “The Tom Cruise sock slide…

  1. Marilyn says:

    dont forget the shades next time! lol

  2. Mom says:

    OMG. What an idiot…. LMAO. Sounds just like u grace….wish I could’ve seen that. Classic!,

  3. Wanda Walkup says:

    Too funny…glad you’re ok:)

  4. This just made my morning! Im glad Im not the only goober who sings and dances in the shower! Note to self*No tom cruise slide!

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