actress/singer vs. soldier debate

Ok…I have seen several hateful remarks floating around Facebook concerning the recent death of singer Whitney Houston.  First off, I personally do not know much about her or her work.  I am not a “fan” due to the fact that I cannot name any movies or songs by this woman.  I have seen her on t.v. and know her face, but I am not familiar with her career. 

With that said…I have seen several remarks that people have made saying that she was just a druggie and/or her death means nothing to them.  These individuals then go on to comment that everyone should not care about her death and focus more on our military and the deaths that have occurred due to the war.  Now, I agree that our military needs to be acknowledged more for their duties and sacrifices.  But I will NOT stoop so low as to say whose lives are important and whose aren’t.  That is extremely arrogant and no one has the right to judge someone else’s life.  You are more than welcome to have an opinion, but do not think that you are “all mighty” enough to decide whether their life and death should be acknowledged.  I personally was not affected by this woman’s death but understand that others  may have been.  I don’t have to agree with her lifestyle choices or like how she handled herself.  But, then again, I do not personally know this woman and will not judge her.

Let those who miss her go through their own grief process.  You wouldn’t want someone downing the death of your mom, sister, daughter, friend, etc.  And to those military spouses that feel the need to bash a singer/actress and play up the military card….grow up!  How would you feel if your husband, after a deployment or something, developed a pill or alcohol problem?  Would his life be worth less than someone else’s now due to the fact that he has a dependency problem?  HELL NO!  So, don’t do it to others!  And if you are going to go on to say that military deaths should be acknowledged more…then do that!  I didn’t see you post any deaths of heroes or acknowledge any soldier in particular on your Facebook page.  YOU have not taken the time to post a fallen soldier’s name, rank, age, hometown, etc. in the past.  Don’t say things that you can’t back up!

Believe me, I am a very proud Army spouse!  And I fully support my husband’s dedication to his country.  My husband works very hard, stays focused on his career and is proud to serve his country.  Our family deals with the struggles of military life daily.  Deployments are long and hard to go through.  Plans usually get cancelled because things come up last minute at work.  And if you are in the Army you will understand that “everything is written in pencil!”  Soldiers go through hard times and should definitely be recognized for thier hard work, dedication and sacrafices!

But if you want someone to blame for the attention a singer/actress or soldier gets when he/she passes, BLAME THE MEDIA!  The media handles the news on these issues.  When was the last time you saw the media handle the death of a small town hero with such passion and dedication?  They don’t!

End of rant!





2 thoughts on “actress/singer vs. soldier debate

  1. Aunt Ann says:

    Well said. Sometimes in our own pain/suffering, we do tend to forget others’ feelings. Thanks for the in-your-face reminder, Carmen!

  2. marilyn says:

    love it! I too as you know felt very saddened by the lack of empathy i saw people express towards the death of a human being. im glad you touched on this. many people should read this and grow a heart. peoples souls are so hardened these days 😦

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